From Grief to Grace: Interview with Author Denisha Patterson

July 29, 2020 · by Adrian Hildebrand

I recently had the opportunity to interview the author of From Grief to Grace, Denisha Patterson. Denisha is a mother, wife, pastor's wife, author, minister, and overall beautiful lady. Enjoy!


Your personal story is very much a part of your book, From Grief to Grace, but what was the real push for writing it, the impetus if you will? 

I’ve always wanted to write; it’s how I express myself best! However, though I wanted to honor my brother's memory and shine a light on addiction, divorce, and mental health within the church, I couldn’t seem to find the time. 

I knew I wanted to do more than survive the pain; I wanted to thrive and flourish. So I began to pray for God to reveal my purpose and open doors for me to fully become who He designed me to be.

Partnering my personal calling with my husband's was the first door I walked through. I was able to share my testimony for the first time in 2015 during a summer youth camp. That was moment number one! Moment number two happened while chaperoning an AYC Mission Trip to Anchorage, AK, in 2017.

Finally, after fighting so much fear, three different ministers all at different times came to me with a similar message of “write the book.” 

Keep in mind, no one outside of my husband knew this great desire that was burning in my soul. All that to say, God was my impetus! Without being sensitive to the things He was revealing to me, I would’ve never stepped out of my comfort zone to truly flourish in the way He desired me to.

What is the core message you hope people will get out of your book? In what practical way do you want it to impact people’s lives?

When someone picks my book up, I want the title alone to inspire a glimmer of hope. I want a young woman who is completely broken to believe in the power of transformation. With all my heart, I want someone who feels unworthy to know that they are worth love. I want to crush the stigma of comparison! Ultimately, I want my readers to know that their pedigree does not determine their worth, what they can do, or who they can become.

What was the hardest part of writing your book? Any advice for up-and-coming authors?

Wow! That’s a tough question!

The hardest part about writing my book was coming face to face with all the darkness that had grown like wild vines around my soul--stripping away the raw, painful weeds to reveal the story that God wanted to expose!

If I could share any advice with aspiring authors, it would be this: Trust God and write the book. 

Don’t ever allow negativity to mute your voice. Only you know the promises God has made in your secret moments with Him. You are capable of greatness if you just believe. Share your dreams with a spiritual leader in your life so that they may help you develop a plan.

Has there been any kind of response to the book that you didn’t expect from your audience? (Perhaps something that they gleaned from it or learned that you weren’t expecting?)

I will say that I wasn’t expecting to hear so much sadness, hurt, and pain surrounding women and girls within our movement.

I had to literally take time to really seek the face of God for direction in speaking the right words to those who needed to hear my voice. I never in a million years imagined that my voice would be used to help the hopeless, to help the hurting and to help the ones who were stuck in their pain.

I am humbled by each conversation, and I usually cry after most of them. The messages I receive of what my story did for someone else reminds me that my purpose is far greater than my pain.

Where can everyone purchase your book and find you online?

From Grief To Grace can be purchased on several different websites.

I recommend purchasing here through the Pentecostal Publishing House. I write as much as possible on my personal website at www.denishakarme.com.

You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by searching DenishaKarme.

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