Fun Fundraiser Ideas for Youth Groups

January 27, 2021 ยท by Charity Walter

With COVID-19 monopolizing so much of the past year, a lot of youth groups have had to put so many plans on hold.

However, I know some of you are looking ahead to starting up those youth trips, special offerings, and events again!

With my husband and I being heavily involved in youth work, I often get asked what our kids do to fundraise. We have around 60 kids, give or take, so we have to do several things throughout the year.

Here are some ideas we have used for our young people to raise money for trips. If you're involved with youth or fundraising at your church, I hope you find these helpful!


Soup Cookoff. We always do this annually in the fall. Each youth or adult that participates brings a crockpot of soup. We fill our gym with soup stations, and guests can try five different soups and get a dessert and drink for around $5. Guests also vote on their favorite soup! The winner gets some sort of gift card.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Krispy Kreme offers fundraising options you can look into here. If you live in an area far away from a KK, this may be a great option! We live 3.5 hours away from one, so we always do well selling these.

Dessert Auction. Youth and adults participate by bringing their BEST dessert, and several ladies in the church will bring what they're famous for. Then we have an auction-style event after church service! I've also seen others do this with spaghetti dinners and invite the community, to bring in different buyers.

Cinnamon Rolls. In the winter, selling these goes over so well!

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries. Around Valentine's and Mother's Day, this fundraiser does really well.

Bake Sales. We do these at banks or various other busy in-town locations. Due to COVID, this probably won't be possible for many right now, but it's something to keep in mind!

Pie Social + Pie-in-the-Face Contest. Everyone brings their best pie and we sell them by the slice! Everyone has the option to buy a scoop of ice cream or coffee/milk to go with it. With this one, we also auction off random people for a pie in the face!

Spaghetti Feed with Talent Show. It's dinner and a show for a small charge, and spaghetti is such an easy and inexpensive meal to make!

Volleyball/Dodgeball Tournament. Participants join for a fee, and there's a grand prize winner. We sell concession stand snacks and invite everyone!

Singspiration. We have food after and charge admittance. Always a fun, memorable time!

Ice Cream Bar. Set up a fun ice cream bar with all the toppings and coffee to go with it. Guests pay for a delicious treat.

Churchwide Yard Sale.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches After Service. For us, this is always done around Mother's Day. 

Walkathon. Get sponsors from people and businesses in town. It's smart to get matching T-shirts ahead of time to show professionalism.

Car Wash.

Cake Walk. Have people in your church make their famous cakes, then charge fees for raffles and for people to participate in the cake walk.

Check local restaurants for fundraising options. Some restaurants offer fundraising options that don't require much work from your group; you just have to reserve a little of your time to raise money!

Lemonade Stands. These work out great during the summer and during various events.

Work Labor Auction AKA "Rent-a-Kid." Auction off young people for various jobs. This one can get pretty funny and interesting!

Do you have any fundraising tips or ideas of your own? If so, leave us a comment @daintyjewellsblog on our Facebook or Instagram page!

Charity Walter

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