Furniture Refresh: Modern Glam Dresser

April 20, 2022 ยท by Andrea Long

When my husband and I first got married, we had a conglomeration of furniture (used and new) that we used to furnish our first home. Like most young married couples, we made different pieces work to fit the colors and styles of what we already had. As the years went on, we were able to add more decor and furniture that actually fit our style. We purchased this teal blue dresser early in our marriage and originally used it as a coffee bar. Later on, it became a small dresser/nightstand in our guest room, then we stuck it in our youngest son's room. 

A few months ago, I decided to convert this dresser into a tiny library (behind the louvered doors is a set of shelves). I moved it into our living room and realized that the teal color just wasn't going to cut it in a grey paneled room with black and gold accents. 

It sat untouched for a few weeks until I finally got the courage to change the appearance. We took a trip to our local Lowe's and picked up a small can of black paint (matte finish), brushes, and gold hardware. 

I took off the drawer, doors, and old hardware before snapping a picture, but here's the 'before' pic. 

Miraculously, we didn't need to sand the dresser before painting. I did end up putting three coats on, just to cover that teal. Painting those louvered doors was tedious work, but I loved the results! My husband put on the new gold hardware, and voila! - a "new" dresser for a fraction of the price that a new one would cost!

If you're wanting a new piece of furniture but not wanting to spend the money right now, take a look at thrift stores and garage sales. You can find beautiful pieces that might need a little TLC. I love to look at Pinterest for furniture flip inspo! 

I hope you've enjoyed this DIY dresser makeover! Happy DIY'ing! 

Andrea Long

About Andrea Long

Andrea Long is editor and manager of The Dainty Jewell's Blog. She is also a Registered Nurse turned stay-at-home mom of 2 precious boys. She loves doing life and ministry with her husband of 8 years. Andrea attends Apostolic Temple in Pasadena, TX, where she is involved in music ministry, discipleship, and college and career group. Her days are filled with giggles, joy, diaper changes, toys, and sweaty little boys, but she still enjoys a strong cup of coffee and a good book (when she gets a moment to herself, of course). Andrea considers herself very blessed to live this life for her Faithful Friend. Follow Andrea on Instagram @andreagrindlelong.