Galentine's Party Inspo

February 09, 2022 · by Anyssa Hessler

Do you do something special with the ladies in your life for Valentine’s Day? Men don’t appreciate a well thought out charcuterie board or cute photo wall as much as your girlfriends will, so gather the girls for a special Galentine’s celebration! I love hosting, so I’ll use any excuse I can to decorate and put together a fun menu for friends to enjoy.

My husband and I are the youth leaders of our local church, and I’m hosting a Galentine’s get-together with our youth group girls, and I’m so excited! I wish I had pictures to share now, but instead I’ll share some from my inspiration board! I’m keeping it low key and using a lot of items I already have for décor and keeping the menu sweet and simple. You can easily host a fun, memorable party on a budget; ask your girlfriends to pitch in, too, by bringing plates, drinks, a dish, or dessert.

I found this exact black and white table runner at my local Wal-Mart for a really good price! I know I’ll use it again down the road, so I thought it would be perfect. You could even get crafty and make your own if you have the extra time! I have vintage pink and red plates and glassware I’ve thrifted over the years that I plan to mix and match for a fun pop of color. I also have a variety of classic white cake stands and platters I plan to use, too. I lean towards classic pieces I can use time and time again. I don’t usually go for holiday specific pieces; that way, I can keep the clutter and my budget to a minimum! 

Besides a few fresh flowers and maybe a couple heart balloons, I’m going to keep the décor to a minimum and let the food be the star of the show! I was really only planning on serving a variety of sweets until I happened to see heart shaped chicken nuggets at the end of the aisle during a recent trip to the grocery store. They were so cute I couldn’t resist! And if you know teenagers, they won’t pass up a chicken nugget – they’re not fussy eaters! I plan on making a cute spread with waffle fries and different dipping sauces to make it fun. Another idea for something like this would be to ask guests to bring their favorite dipping sauce for everyone to try!

I also have a small fondue dish that I’m going to fill with chocolate and allow the girls to dip their choice of fresh fruit and small cookies in it. Make the food an experience, and it’ll give everyone something to do and talk about! Instead of ordering pizza, get a variety of toppings and have everyone create their own. Instead of serving already decorated cookies, let everyone ice and decorate their own with fun sprinkles! Think outside the box to make it a memorable activity and look on Pinterest for ideas, too!

And, last but not least, use a Galentine’s get together as an excuse to dress up! You don’t have to make fancy dinner reservations, just tell the girls to wear their favorite pink and red dresses and have fun with a simple photo wall! I used dollar store heart balloons to create a backdrop just like the one below for a previous event. It was so easy, affordable, and it made for great pictures! Dainty Jewell's has all the pink, red and white dresses you could dream of in one category for easy shopping too! I plan on wearing my Radiant Rose dress this weekend to celebrate. Maybe your friend group would rather stay comfy and casual? Tell everyone to wear their favorite loungewear and slippers for a more relaxed setting; make the party whatever works best for you and your girls! 

What are you doing with the gals for Valentine’s day? Share your fun party ideas with us on social media! All of these exact pins are all on our Dainty Jewell's Pinterest board so be sure to follow along for more info and inspiration! 

Anyssa Hessler

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