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December 04, 2020 ยท by Anyssa Hessler

At Dainty Jewell's gift-giving is easy! When you give the gift of Dainty Jewell's, you're giving a gift she'll never forget. Our modest styles and pieces are so unique and special, you won't find them anywhere else -- and the quality is unmatched!

So do you need a little gift inspiration this holiday season? We're here to help! We've compiled a list of some of our most popular modest fashion items below. (We also offer gift cards, so don't miss an opportunity to give her something you can KNOW she'll love!)

For the busy momma: Comfy & cute dresses that she can move easily in while chasing her littles, a function tote, and hair accessories to make getting ready a breeze! 

1: Weekend Brunch Dress. 2: Velvet Knotted Headband. 3: Effortlessly Chic Dress. 4: Your Favorite Dress. 5: Dainty Jewell's Tote. 6: Everything & More Dress.

For the working lady: Chic & sophisticated pieces for the office, a carry-all tote, and hair accessories to add a touch of style to your up-do!

1: Original Pencil Skirt. 2: Jackie Blouse. 3: Twisted Hair Sticks. 4: Chic in Scallops Dress. 5: Buckingham Beauty Blazer. 6: Dainty Jewell's Tote.

For the student: Cute & cozy looks for study sessions and coffee breaks, a stylish tote for campus trips, and fun hair accessories!

1: Your Favorite Dress. 2: Sea Salt Denim Dreams Dress. 3: Sunkissed Denim Dress. 4: Everyday Chic Clips. 5: Dainty Jewell's Tote. 6: Original Layering Top.

For the traveler
: Comfy & cute dresses for all-day traveling, a fun tote for souvenirs and treasures, and stylish hair accessories to add a touch of flair! 

1: Dainty Jewell's Tote. 2: Your Favorite Dress. 3: Twisted Hair Clips. 4: Weekend Brunch Dress. 5: First Bloom Dress. 6: Your Favorite Dress.

For little ladies
: Dresses made for playing, skirts made for twirling, and accessories that will make her feel like a princess!

1: Your Favorite Dress. 2: Emerald Clip Trio. 3: Blush Clip Trio. 4: Bella Moonlight Dress. 5: Exquisite English Manor Dress. 6: Polka Dot Tutu

For mature ladies: Versatile separates, sophisticated dresses, and elegant accessories to create a classy look!

1: Original Pencil Skirt. 2: Canterbury Tea Dress. 3: Gold Pearl Pick. 4: Elegant Eleanor Dress. 5: Original Layering Top. 6: Original Layering Slip Extender.

These are just a few of our favorites, but we have DOZENS of unique styles and accessories in the shop! Christmas deadlines haven't passed yet; start Christmas shopping for the special ladies in your life at daintyjewells.com.

Anyssa Hessler

About Anyssa Hessler

Anyssa Hessler is Dainty Jewell's' marketing & social media manager. She lives in a small town and old home in Indiana with her husband, Alec and children Reyna & Everett. She and her husband serve as youth leaders at The House of Prayer. She enjoys making a mess in the kitchen, treasure hunting in thrift stores, and testing her green thumb. Find her on Instagram @anyssa.hessler.