God Cares About Pink Paint

July 22, 2019

“He did it just for me!” my friend exclaimed. “He gave me pink paint!”

I stared quizzically at her. Being married to a preacher, I often hear testimonies of God answering prayers and doing the miraculous. Never before had I heard a testimony about pink paint!

My friend went on to explain that her son and daughter-in-law were about to have their first granddaughter.

“I’m gonna need you to connect the dots for me,” I said. “What does your grandbaby have to do with God giving you pink paint?”

“Well,” she explained, “my daughter-in-law was really wanting to use a certain shade of pink paint just for the baby’s closet but didn’t want to spend the money on an expensive color for such a small area. A few days later, I was looking at the clearance rack of discounted paint at Lowe’s. To my surprise, there was a gallon of the perfect shade of pink for only $5! It was a perfect example about how God cares about the small details in our lives!”

So many times, we only take the “big” prayers to God.The prayers for healing, salvation, financial issues, or situations that need to be worked out. Over and over, I’ve been amazed to see God answer small prayers for me. I’ve often smiled and thought, “God just gave me my pink paint!”

I remember when I had first started feeding Madilyn baby food. I wanted so badly to buy the organic kind, but it wasn’t financially feasible. I’ll never forget the night when a lady brought me a large bag with tons of jars of baby food, all organic! God gave me my “pink paint!”

Another time, a fellow evangelist’s wife unknowingly struck fear into my heart with an innocent comment: “You know, it’s really important for an evangelist to get that January revival scheduled every year.” We hadn’t been traveling long, and I was immediately sick to my stomach because we DIDN’T have January scheduled yet, even though we were several months away and had more obligations to fulfill. I prayed, “God, I know this isn’t a big deal to you. But it really is to me. Could you please let us get January scheduled?”

That SAME week, someone called and scheduled us for January. I was thanking God once again for my “pink paint!”

Many, many other times, God has supplied not only my needs, but He’s given me my “pink paint,” reminding me once again that He cares about the things that matter to me, even if they’re small.

Matthew 10:29-31: Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.

This is one of my favorite passages of Scripture. It reminds me that He really does care about ME! Just the same, He cares about you and the things you face. I’m so thankful that He cares enough about us to answer our prayers and desires . . . Even if they’re small. Even if it’s just a gallon of pink paint. ?