Groundbreaking Day!

June 02, 2017

Here at Dainty Jewell’s, we are very excited because we recently celebrated a huge milestone: we broke ground for our new warehouse in La Grande, Oregon!

Looking back, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude over how far we’ve come. As a 16-year-old up-cycling and embellishing items from my own closet, I had no idea that my hobby would someday culminate in me owning my own modest apparel company. As I mentioned in my speech on groundbreaking day, now, at the age of 24, I can look back and see how many amazing things God has done for our company. When Jess and I got married in 2013, I moved cross-country with only one clothing rack of merchandise . . . And now here we are! God took the small talent I didn’t even realize I had and created something beautiful from it.
We were able to capture the big day on Facebook live, which you can see by clicking here if you missed it. Unfortunately, it was very windy (the video is proof!), so it’s hard to hear what’s being said. Several showed up, and I was humbled by the support of so many great people.

For the groundbreaking ceremony, I wore the Merry-Go-Round Dress in peach, one of my favorite dresses. Because it was such a windy day, wearing a fully-lined, maxi-length piece ended up being a smart choice!

Groundbreaking was so exciting, but it’s just the beginning. We’re planning on a huge grand opening next year, and I can’t wait to give you more details! Everyone will be welcome. The warehouse will have a showroom, so walk-in customers will be able to browse available apparel or speak with our staff to ask questions and offer ideas – and to just generally be a part of the Dainty Jewell’s mission. I’m looking forward to hosting various local events and bridal fittings. The new warehouse will offer so much more flexibility than what we have currently.
Looking forward, I’m thankful we’re expanding, and I’m excited to continue offering high-quality modest apparel, to hiring more employees, to offering more specialty lines, and eventually, to opening retail locations. We’ve come so far, and none of this would be possible without the support of family, friends, customers, and blog readers such as yourself.
It was a long road leading up to groundbreaking day, but in the end, everything turned out just perfect.