Hailey and Easton: Cozy and Unique Wedding

March 29, 2023 · by Andrea Long

We love a good wedding around here. We especially love a unique wedding! Today's wedding feature is just that - stunning, beautifully simple, and the kind of unique that makes you think, "now why didn't I think of that?". We are so excited to have Hailey Gatwood sharing her special wedding with us today. Welcome, Hailey!

SI: We'd love to hear more about your wedding decor theme/vibe! How would you describe your wedding to us? 

HG: I would describe our wedding to be unique & romantic! Our wedding was very non traditional: we went with a very intimate guest list with only our closest family and friends; we chose only to do our vows and have our pastors pray over us. We also had no bridal party and we let the beauty of the park be our “decorations”. We wanted our wedding to be surrounded by love; that was the most important thing to us. We didn’t want a huge wedding, bridal party, or decorations. Just US committing ourselves to one another with all our family and friends!

SI: That's so special! What are some of your favorite memories from your wedding day? 

HG: Our first look is something I will hold special in my heart. It was emotional but more exciting to finally see him and knowing that I was about to marry the love of my life.

SI: Were there any funny moments or things that didn't go according to plan?

HG: The funniest moment of our wedding was when we were cutting the cake. Our cake was emerald green and when we took a bite…our teeth were green also!! We all laughed and thankfully someone gave us napkins to try and wipe it off our teeth to finish pictures.

We also did not plan for the weather and right when our ceremony started it began to rain. Thankfully, our guests didn’t mind standing in the rain and I think it is a unique touch to see everyone standing around us with umbrellas celebrating with us even in the rain!

Another funny memory: because it was pouring rain and everyone had umbrellas, they couldn’t hear our pastors talking… so everyone simultaneously gathered closer together. And they were all laughing and smiling as we turned around to see what was happening!

SI: How did you find the perfect wedding dress?

HG: I knew going into the shop what I wanted my dress to look like but, with only a short 2 months until the wedding, I was nervous I would have to settle. I tried on every dress they had that was similar to the style I wanted but it was missing something. I showed the seamstress my inspiration and she completely created my dream dress from the first one I tried on that day.

SI: Do you have any advice for future brides?

HG: Don’t stress over the little things! Do what you and your significant other feel is right! Don’t compare your wedding vision to others; your wedding is supposed to be unique and centered around you. Your memories will last a lifetime; soak up every moment of your wedding day!

SI: Is there anything else in particular that you'd like to share about your wedding or your love story?

HG: Our wedding was at the exact location we had our second date and where he proposed to me. Our ceremony was so sentimental to us; the park will forever hold a special place in our hearts! Our reception was held at the place where we had our very first date over two years ago! We even got to sit at the same exact table for a photo! The city of Natchez, Ms is where our love story began and now holds all of our precious memories!

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