Heart to Heart with Kimberly Cervantes

February 10, 2016

As you may have been aware, She’s Intentional has just hired three contributors to add to our team of writers!

We received nearly 250 applications and were absolutely blown away by how many of our amazing readers — that’s you! — applied to write for us. We are excited to introduce them to you in the next coming days, and today we’re sharing a heart-to-heart we had with Kimberly Cervantes. Kimberly is a twenty-two-year-old North Carolina girl in love with Jesus, traveling, and life. We think Kimberly is absolutely inspirational in so many ways and we’re excited to read her first post for She’s Intentional tomorrow!

Heart to Heart with Kimberly Cervantes on @ShesIntentional

She’s Intentional: You work + are a college student + write for your own blog — it’s obvious you’re already a busy girl, and now you’ve added writing for She’s Intentional to your to-do list! What does a typical day in the life of Kimberly look like and how do you juggle all of your responsibilities?

Kimberly Cervantes: Every day holds a different agenda — the joys of being a busy girl! During the day, I work as a lab tech for a medical device company, and by night, I enjoy all of the luxuries that come with being a student … like the usual all-nighters. I am involved in a lot of church ministries and usually have a meeting to attend or planning to do. My weekends are then spent catching up on assignments, spending some quality time with friends and family, going on mini adventures, reading a good book, and both Spanish and English church services throughout the weekend. This all requires time management, so, therefore, I, Kimberly, am a list-maker. I prioritize my lists with due dates and work on the most urgent things first, and I find it very satisfying to cross things off as I complete them.

Heart to Heart with Kimberly Cervantes on @ShesIntentional

She’s Intentional: As mentioned above, you are extremely involved in your local church — both in the English + Spanish congregations! With your already busy schedule, how do you find time to make your church a priority in your life?

Kimberly: I am very much a planner. I think I have to be in order to keep up with the daily due dates and obligations. That being said, church is always first and foremost! It’s a settled issue for me. If there is church, I have to be there and there is no debate. If that means a homework assignment will be rushed or late, then that is my fault for not planning well ahead of time (or usually not sticking to the plan…fellow procrastinators, I know you all understand!). In the end, I know that a college degree or overtime hours on a paycheck will not matter when I am standing before the King. I am firstly His child, and everything else follows.

She’s Intentional: What is your favorite scripture + why does it minister to you?

Kimberly: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” {Philippians 4:13}

This verse is basically my life mantra. I cannot say how many times I’ve been stressed, upset, or just weary and this verse pops into my mind. It is simple, but carries so much weight! It never fails to cheer me up or give me a glimmer of hope when I need it the most because I know that I cannot do everything, but with God, I can do ALL things. All. Not just some. Not just the ones that I know I am good at. ALL. That means the things I am uncertain about, the things I’ve been putting off, and the things that scare me. It’s like I have my own personal guide to lead me through the scary hard parts only to realize once it’s over that we did it. I cannot imagine going through life without Him to guide and comfort me. Jesus is pretty amazing!

She’s Intentional: What do you hope to accomplish in life as an intentional young woman of God and how does that translate into your daily life now?

Kimberly: My main goal in life is to fulfill the plans that God has for me. I have my own ambitions and dreams (and I think it is necessary for everyone to have some), but I always want them to reflect Jesus and be perfectly aligned with his plans for me. I trust God because he has never left me in a situation in which he did not lead me out of. I know that I will be happiest and feel fulfilled to the uttermost if I only allow myself to be a vessel he can use completely. This requires me to have complete faith in Him, His timing, and His answers. This is not always easiest, especially when I don’t understand the whys, but time and time again I see how his hand has worked in my life, and I have so, so much to be grateful for!

Heart to Heart with Kimberly Cervantes on @ShesIntentional

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