Homemade Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

October 25, 2017

I enjoy the cool, crisp weather of fall just as much as the next girl but my skin does not! The lower temperatures often dry out my skin and I can’t help but notice my summer luster fading with each day.

I hosted a spa day for my church youth girls and we made this simple coffee sugar scrub and every single one of my girls loved it! We saw — and felt! — an instant boost when we applied it to our hands with a little bit of olive oil. I’ve since used in on my face on mornings I’m feeling extra tired and the smell of the coffee grounds help to wake me up and the sugar minerals scrub away dead skin for a refreshing look.

This scrub is super simple to make and has quite a long shelf life — it will no doubt last you through fall and winter! Paired with my traditional moisturizer, this scrub is just what my skin needs to make it through this brisk season.

Homemade Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe


1 cup coffee grounds

1 cup sugar (raw is best)

1/2 cup coconut oil


Soften the coconut oil in the microwave, but do not melt it completely. Sprinkle in the sugar followed by the coffee grounds. Mix well until the texture is consistent. Apply a little bit of olive or coconut oil to your face and hands before application. Gently rub in a tablespoon of the sugar scrub and wash away with warm water. Store in an airtight container.