Hometown Finds

June 27, 2014

Summer here in Florida means 90 degrees is the norm and the humidity levels out at around 400% daily. So it seems my search for modest, comfortable, and cool summer clothing never ends.

A few weeks ago I was able to visit my family in Indianapolis. When I’m in town I run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to visit all my favorite retail and thrift shops. I made it to my favorite Goodwill, but came up empty handed. (Tears!) But I had a very successful trip to Burlington Coat Factory!


The cream crochet top is perfect for summer and I actually found it a while ago at Marshall’s for $10. I loved it, but wasn’t quite sure how to style it since it was a “one size fits all” type of top. In the fall, I wore it with a floral scarf and a cream and black striped skirt. It worked, but I didn’t love the outfit.

The top got stashed in my drawer and hadn’t been touched until I found this gorgeous floral NY & Co. skirt for $15 at Burlington. I decided to weave a small belt through the holes of the top to define my waist a little bit so it wouldn’t hang on me.

Ever since Truth of the Flatter dress was released, I have been looking everywhere for the shoes Jessica wore when she modeled it. I wanted them in nude, but haven’t seen them anywhere. Then out of the blue, I found a similar pair at Burlington! They didn’t have nude in my size, but had them in a gorgeous red for the wonderful price of $17. I couldn’t pass them up!


These pieces were great buys because they are so versatile. The crochet top can be casual if paired with a jean skirt or even with this same floral skirt and worn with flats instead of heels. The floral skirt would look great paired with a denim top, striped t-shirt, or a jean jacket. I can think of just about a million ways I want to wear them both!

I’m very happy with how this outfit turned out. It’s comfortable, affordable, and a little eclectic.