How to Design a Timeless Space

September 07, 2018

No matter if you’ve been around for two decades or six – you’ve no doubt noticed that styles change. It’s a never-ending in and out cycle. One minute a particular style is “in” and everyone can’t get enough of it; the next it’s “out,” and you can find it in clearance bins all over. While home décor tends to have a bit of a longer lifespan than clothing, it still experiences the same style cycle.

I find myself buying into style trends from time to time, but for the most part, I make a conscious effort to buy pieces that will last throughout the seasons. I think I accomplish this most in my home décor. Swapping out furniture and décor can be expensive, not to mention time-consuming. Can you imagine changing the entire look of even just one room in your home every year? That would be a lot of work!

I thought I would share a few tips on how to decorate a timeless space that won’t go out of style but still allows for personal touches. My husband and I purchased our first home just over two years ago, and these are concepts we have incorporated into our own home.

One of the most obvious ways to transform a space is with paint. It is an inexpensive, big-impact way to change the entire feel of a room. But I think one of the biggest style mistakes that can be made is with a bold, over-the-top paint color. I know, I know, the sample wall at the paint store is packed with gorgeous colors, but chances are, you may not always be in love with a bright blue. Stick with something neutral and light. Color can be added with accessories, and those are a lot easier to change than spending an entire weekend repainting. If you’re seriously stuck on that crazy blue color, use it on small piece of accent furniture instead.

Furniture is the most expensive and most used item in a living space. Don’t try to be too trendy, and don’t worry about everything matching perfectly. I honestly am not a fan of 5-piece furniture sets. I prefer a more eclectic look: it gives your space more personality. Find pieces with the same general wood stain, shape, or fabric color. I have two black leather chairs in my living room that look like siblings, but not twins. They have a similar look, but they’re not identical. Shop at antique and thrift stores; collect pieces over time; don’t feel like you have to have an entire space complete at one given time.

Wall art, rugs, and pillows are my choice for personality because they’re easily swapped in and out. This is where you can indulge in bold colors and patterns. In fact, I urge you to combine colors, patterns, and textures you might not otherwise. Do not go to a themed section of the store and buy one of everything. Wander around the store, visit different stores, mix it up! You’ll be surprised as to how well everything will look together. And if you don’t like it, swap items from another room. I swap throw pillows and small décor from room to room all the time.

Make the most of your time and money. Your space shouldn’t be overhauled every few years; it should slowly evolve and transform over time. Find sturdy, classic pieces that can last and be used for various spaces in your home. You’ll spend less money and have less clutter when you take the time to make conscious decisions about your décor.

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All images courtesy of Unsplash.