How to Get Involved in Church as a Teen

September 06, 2022 · by Whitney Gothra

Our church body is blessed by teenagers. Today we’re discussing a few ways that teenagers can step in and be a blessing in your local assembly.

You all have a passion for God and for life that is unquenchable. You have fresh eyes to view the present and the future and find a way to be the bridge between the two. You have callings on your lives placed by God to help edify the church. Our churches need you! We need your input, your participation, and your unique gifting. If you are still searching for ways to be involved, read a few ideas below.

Help with your church’s social media.

Teens know social media better than any other age group. Use it for the Kingdom! Offer to help with the social media pages. Take photos and videos, give reels ideas, or learn graphic design to create posts. If your church already has an established social media team creating content, share about your church on your own page! Record yourself and your friends walking into church, share photos of the welcome team, or type out a quote that resonated with you from the message. Tag your church in your posts, and they can use them to spread awareness and show your community the amazing things happening at your church.

Help with the little ones.

Take some of the little ones at church under your wing. Whether it’s caring for some of the worship team member’s kids while they practice or letting a young child sit with you during the worship service - this is a blessing to families! You help the parents be better able to minister and you become someone the younger ones can look up to. Show that little six-year-old how to worship or that young ten-year-old how to take notes during the message. You have the power to help equip the next generation!

Get involved in life groups.

If your church does small groups or life groups, get involved! Find a passion of yours and lead a group. This is a wonderful way to get your friends from school and the community comfortable with church and exposed to what you believe. You can reach other teens in a way that no other demographic at church can, so never underestimate your power as a soul winner!

Help your worship minister.

The worship minister in your church carries the important responsibility of introducing new songs to the church. One way you can get involved and help is to spend some of your scrolling time looking at new Christian music releases on Apple Music or Spotify and check out other church’s live streams to get new song ideas. Send them to your worship minister as ideas or create a playlist for your youth group to listen to. Tap into different styles and genres!

One of the best ways to find your calling in the body of Christ is to get busy serving the body. As you find ways to bless others and glorify God, He will continue to show you the plans He has for you. As you serve in different areas of the church, you will discover fresh passions and opportunities. Don’t be afraid to try something new and see where it leads! Your church needs you!

Whitney Gothra

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Whitney Gothra and her husband Timothy have been married for around fifteen years, and they have three sweet and spicy girls, Ruby, Selah, and Marigold. They pastor the Apostolic Church of Wabash in Wabash, Indiana. You can connect with her on Instagram @theflourishstudio or online at whitneygothra.com.