How to Give Kids an Epic Summer

June 25, 2021 ยท by Jacy Lee Pulford

Here we are again. Another summer is upon us. To me, this one feels more special. Last year was challenging for us and our families. When I was thinking about the fun we could have this summer, I wanted to really make the most of it. I hope you do too!

When I started planning and thinking about giving my children an epic summer, it came down to four categories: Water Play, Craft Time, Chill Out, and Family Fun. Below you will find a super cute list of this breakdown, with awesome suggestions for you all to enjoy. Let me explain more about each category, and how just implementing a little bit of each can really up your summer game plan! 

How can we have a summer without water play? -- especially with kiddos! It sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes options for water play can feel limited. If you don't have the time or the resources to head to the beach or the pool, I've listed a few other activities that my sons love and I'm sure you're children will love too.

I confess: I am an artsy mama. However, I try to pace myself with arts and crafts because cleanup can be very time-consuming. But the thing is, kids are usually sensory-seeking creatures, and giving them space to be creative is perfect during the summer months. My advice is to purchase water-based or outdoor paints. Think of something that can be wiped down easily and not stain clothing or furniture. Better yet, take the craft outside, throw a disposable tablecloth down on the patio table, and watch their minds work.  

To balance the physical elements of summer, kids also need pockets of chill time: board games, backyard campouts, outdoor movie nights with all your favorite snacks and yummy drinks. There is nothing better than hanging out with the people you care about, enjoying one another's company, and making memories. 

I think we often plan so much for our kids to do individually that we might forget to actually throw in cool adventures the entire family can enjoy together! It doesn't have to be over-planned or crazy. It can be as simple as a day trip to a local zoo or aquarium. Maybe a family hike through a state park, observing the natural beauty around you. 

Whatever you decide, take loads of photos and do your best to be present and in the moment. Children are content when their love tanks are full. Part of showing our kids love is allowing them the opportunities to explore, build, create, and be adventurous. Let them be curious and silly. Maybe ask them for ideas within these categories. This list is just meant to spark inspiration. I really hope it helps you and your kids have the most epic summer this year!

Jacy Lee Pulford

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