How to Thrift Like a Pro

June 03, 2016



Thrifting is probably one of my favorite hobbies. What girl doesn’t love getting new clothes? And it makes it that much sweeter when you pay next to nothing for it! Looking modest and put together does not have to come with a big price tag.  I like the possibility of finding unique items that you wouldn’t find on the regular. If you are a big fan of vintage styles this may very well be your perfect place to shop! My entire outfit in this post has been thrifted, and it is just so girly and fun I had to share. Today I will be sharing five tips on how to thrift like a pro!




Tip #1 – Make a list before ever leaving your house of things that you need in your closet. A black blouse, a green cardigan, whatever it may be, write it down! Once you get to the stores you will have some guidance for what to search for, and whether or not the things you are being tempted to buy are things you need at all.


Tip #2 – If you find an amazing piece that you just loved but did not fit you, take a picture of it or take note of the brand and google it. Many times you will be able to locate a similar piece for sale on eBay or a second-hand selling app in your correct size.




Tip #3 – Another option for items that did not fit are alterations! I am so blessed to have a mom that can sew, so when I find that item that is a bit too long or a bit too big she can always fix it just right! You can add or take away as much from the item to redesign it and make it your own if you have no use for it in the state that it is.


Tip #4 – Try out new consignment shops, and local thrift stores. Some upscale consignment shops can be pricier than others, but there will always be a variety of items so do not ignore them completely. I usually visit my local thrift shops on the days that they put out new items after the weekend craze. If you are visiting a new city and have some time to spare, don’t hesitate to stop by and visit a local thrift store.




Tip #5 – Use online “thrifting” if you do not have time to go browse through your local stores. There are apps such as Poshmark (I am currently obsessed), and eBay that make searching for items in your size, price range, and style so much easier. I have also found many items that were sold out in stores through these sites and have loved getting the same great product for a fraction of the price.

If you have never been one for second-hand shopping I encourage you to try it out! There are so many good things for sale simply because someone else could not wear it enough or did not need it any longer. You may be the one to put it to good use, for next to nothing! Happy thrifting!