How to Wear Plaid + Cheetah

September 25, 2015

Hoodies. Boots. Scarves. All things fall. What’s not to love about that?

With the start of the crisp autumn weather and the brushing leaves, I am more than eager to pull out every fall accessory possible. It’s become a sudden obsession of mine indeed. And with all of those wonderful fall accessories, two common prints you’ll see are plaid and cheetah prints. Today I’m showing you how to combine the two prints into one perfect fall ensemble while beating the outfit “blahs” at the same time.

Cheetah Print Shoes

Did you know that it’s okay to switch things up and incorporate unique, out-of-the-ordinary ideas into your outfit? Dressy accessories do not have to only be worn with dressy outfits and vice versa. For instance, wearing cheetah heels with a casual outfit is cute and adds an unexpected punch. What I love about cheetah print is that it’s easy to wear so many different types of patterns with it — and it be completely acceptable!


Thick plaid scarfs … need I say more?

If you ever feel like pulling off a stylish  look, go for the comfy, thick scarves! Fashionable blanket scarves serve as the epitome of glamorizing a drab outfit. They’re versatile and can be worn so many different ways. I love the fresh, crisp look the blazer brings to the ensemble and the casual feel of the denim button-up shirt. With the detailed scarf and the light denim under the blazer, the outfit creates a bold statement.


It’s amazing what one good outfit can do for a girl.

A fashion upgrade on “blah” kind of outfit can literally upgrade a “blah” kind of mood, too. When it comes to fashion, you are the designer and you make the rules! How are you pattern mixing, accessorizing, and wearing your outfits during this transitional season?


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Happy Friday!

Heels: Von Maur | Blazer & Skirt: H&M | Scarf: Ebay | Purse: Thrifted | Denim top: T.J. Maxx