I Am His Own

August 20, 2018

and He walks with me,

and talks with me,

and He tells me I am His own

and the joy we share,

as we tarry there,

none other has ever known


These familiar lines from the old hymn have been resonating in my heart for some time. In a time of loneliness, you can always count on Jesus to be there. In a time of pain, you can rest assured that He is near. In the times where you feel out of place, you can be still and know that you belong to Jesus. He will be there to walk beside you through the rocky uphill trials and the peaceful seaside strolls. When you feel that your heart is dry and desolate, He sweeps a mist so refreshing over your weary heart and reminds you that you are His.

You are so loved and cherished that Jesus willingly came to earth to suffer and be crucified, just to give you the chance to know Him and be with Him. The random little tugs you feel sometimes when you hear an old hymn, or you read His word, are not so random. That is Him calling you nearer. The Bible is our ultimate love story. The only book where the Author is in love with the reader.

In a world that is lost and headed toward chaos, we can rest assured that we are not headed in that direction. We have our trust in Jesus, our course set on higher ground, and our eyes fixed upon the heavens awaiting Jesus’ return.

If you haven’t thanked Him today already, do so now! I can name a few things for you to be thankful for alongside with me: a bright new day He has given us, breath in our bodies, His salvation(!), His grace and mercy, His love for us, and the truth of His Word available to us today. I am so thankful that He loves and wants me! I am thankful to be His own.

What other things are you thankful for today? Leave us a comment down below with the thing you are most thankful for.