Intentionality Isn’t An Accident

February 01, 2016

I love a good cup of coffee. Like a whole lot.

But believe it or not, a lot goes into making a good cup of coffee happen. A good cup of coffee doesn’t just happen by accident — the coffee beans are harvested and roasted to perfection before they ever are ground into a tasteful, strong brew. Even then, a good cup of coffee isn’t usually made by sticking a little plastic cup into the Keurig (as much as I love the convenience)! A good cup of coffee takes time, patience, and a lot of intentional attention paid to even the smallest details.

The opposite of “intentionality” is “accidentally.”

Did you know that in order to live intentionally you must plan to live intentionally? Living intentionally will not, and cannot, by definition happen as an accident. We must plan for it to happen.

It’s much more glamorous to live with intentionality than accidentally, yes? I mean, an intentional cup of coffee is way better than an accidental cup of coffee, right?! Ok, ok, all silliness aside, though, who wants to live with the effects of daily accidents? I’d much rather live with a daily plan to live intentionally, to make every moment count.

Living intentionally is cause and effect — it’s an if this then that equation. For example, if you plan for daily devotions, if you pray every day, if you attend church regularly, if you live your life purposefully for Jesus, then you will have an intentional life.

Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.
{John 7:37-38}

To Jesus, living an intentional life means that if you thirst for Him, if you want a life that is representative of Him, go to Him. Find refuge in Him, believe in Him, and you will be filled with His Spirit, with His goodness, with His everlasting life.

What does living an intentional life mean to you?

Spiritually it means I’m not going to let my days pass in a blur of busyness but that I’m going to take control of what happens each day by letting Jesus be in control. It means that whatever I put into my life is exactly what I’m going to get out of it. It means that if I make a goal to read my Bible every day, it will not happen arbitrarily — or by accident. It will only happen if I MAKE it happen. It means “this is the day the Lord has made” is more than a song or a Bible verse and is a way of life.

In the natural, physical life, living intentionally means not wasting time. It means waking up on time — even when snooze looks oh-so-tempting. It means allowing ourselves time to do what we need to — cleaning the house, making sure we have good hygiene, living every single day with a purpose that is greater than ourselves.

Since we are the daughters of Jesus, every aspect of an intentional life is all combined — the spiritual and the natural meet in the hearts of those who are living according to Biblical principals and the message of salvation. This is why every.single.aspect of your life ought to shine and sparkle with intentionality.

Let’s plan for intentionality, shall we? Let’s create an atmosphere in our lives that is continually seeking out intention in all things: at work, at home, on the commute, in our conversation, on social media. Accidents usually aren’t good things, so let’s continue to strive for beauty, purity, goodness, and joy in our lives. In all things, my Darling. Let’s be intentional.

Plan for your intentional life — make it happen, because it won’t happen by accident.