Intentionally Above Average

September 16, 2020 · by Kimberly Pearson

If you have ever admired or looked up to someone, you know that sometimes those feelings of awe and admiration can also be accompanied by feelings of inadequacy and feeling "less than."

It may seem that others are at an unattainable level of perfection and have attained an unreachable success far beyond what we think ourselves capable of. The truth is they are the result of many small intentional efforts.

Sometimes we think that what we have left to give is a measly little contribution that makes no difference -- whether it be giving of your money, giving of your time, giving of your talents, or giving of your love. 

The truth is there will always be someone who does more, gives more, etc. But the point that I want to make is if you don't do it, who will do it for you? 

If you don't give, who will? 

If you don't help, who will?

If you don't reach out to those hurting around you, who will? 

In Luke 12:48 we see that we will be held responsible for using whatever we have to glorify God and His Kingdom.

Luke 12:48 KJV
"For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required."

2020 has brought on new challenges for the everyday person. There is an increased amount of fear in just about every aspect of life today: fear for our safety, health, and the future. It can be easy for us to think that others have been given much, but not us, of course! However, in the midst of it all, the truth is we are a blessed people, and WE have been given much.

What are you able to share in your day-to-day with others? Perhaps you are a great cook. You may have incredible musical talents, or you can encourage others and uplift them. Whatever your talents may be, use them to help those around you. 

It takes such a small effort to be above average.

Give what little you have and watch how God will take it and use it in a great way. Nourish someone today, either physically or spiritually. Take the time to invest in those around you. Speak encouragement and love to those who are alone and hurting.

In the book of John, the boy with the loaves and fishes gave all that he had, while the onlookers probably scoffed at his contributions, or maybe some even rolled their eyes. In the hands of the Master, the loaves and fishes fed the crowd of 5,000, and there were even leftovers to be had.

Give what little you have today, for in the hands of God, it is much!

Kimberly Pearson

About Kimberly Pearson

Kimberly Pearson lives in Burlington, NC, with her husband, where she attends the World of Pentecost Church under the leadership of Bishop Kenny Godair. She enjoys traveling, making new friends, shopping, and getting creative. There is never a shortage of projects she is working on all at once. It is Kimberly’s hope to be an encouragement to other young women and spread the joy and love that only God can give. You can follow her on Instagram @kimberdulsi.