Introducing Madame Monet: An Interview with Our Design Contest Winner

May 01, 2024 · by Anyssa Hessler

Last year, Dainty Jewells hosted our first ever design contest! We had hundreds of entries and loved the creativity of our customers. It was so hard to choose a winner; we received so many incredible designs! In the end, we had you all vote on your favorites, and the design by Sierra Hogan was chosen. We were able to produce this one-of-a-kind dress and are thrilled to introduce to you the Madame Monet dress! We contacted Sierra and asked her to give us a little backstory on the design, a bit about her, and what inspired her. Thank you for joining us, Sierra! We are so excited to produce your dress!

SI: Tell us about yourself. What are some of your interests and hobbies? What does a typical day look like for you?

SH: Hello! My name is Sierra, and I am from Florida. I have lived in Florida for most of my life, though I did live in Indiana while studying at Indiana Bible College. I also have to give a quick shoutout to Bucharest, Romania - my home for a few months as an AIMer. Typically, I love to spend my free time reading, sketching, writing, and really anything pertaining to the arts. When I’m not working, I like to spend my day with my close friends and family - specifically, chatting over coffee at my favorite coffee shop or exploring a new place.

SI: How would you describe your personal style?

SH: I love to keep it simple with pops of fun colors or patterns. Recently, I have been inspired by current Scandinavian and Portuguese fashion trends, and my Pinterest board can attest to that. A mix between classy, timeless, and creative encompasses my favorite types of outfits.

SI: What was your inspiration behind this dress design?

SH: I wanted to design something that was classy and simple but not boring. A priority for me was to make sure that ladies who dress modestly can feel comfortable and beautiful.

SI: Was this your first time designing a dress? Do you ever sketch and design for fun?

SH: Designing dresses has been something I have loved to do my entire life. Though my niche is modest bridal...so designing something that was not a gown was different for me. It is most definitely a hobby I enjoy frequently.

SI: What was your reaction to finding out your design was not only a finalist but the winning design?

SH: Honestly, I was not expecting it at all. Designing has always been strictly a hobby for me, so when my friends said I should enter, it took some convincing to get me to submit something. There were so many beautiful designs submitted that I would have loved to see come to life, and I am thankful that others thought the same about mine.

SI: What is your favorite way to style this piece? Where do you plan to wear this dress?

SH: I love this dress styled with gold or silver. As you will see, I wore it with gold heels and a gold purse to compliment the classiness of the dress. I think it would be perfect for a church conference or a banquet.

SI: Outside of clothes, what are some items you’re loving right now?

SH: Maintaining healthy skin is important to me, and as a pale girl who lives in Florida, the Tula glow sunscreen has been a lifesaver as well as their balanced beauty vitamins. I also love scents with notes of florals and vanilla. One I have been using frequently that is quite popular, for good reason, is La Vie Est Belle by Lancome.

SI: We are so excited that Spring weather is here! What are some of your favorite things to do in the spring and summer?

SH: I absolutely adore springtime and the weather it brings. The sunshine and cool breeze is such a perfect combo to have a picnic and read on the beach or go to the downtown markets. During summertime I’m not the biggest fan of the heat and humidity, which makes it the perfect time to enjoy exploring new coffee shops and finding cool items at thrift stores.

Thank you so much, Sierra! We love your dress design. The Madame Monet will be available May 2nd at 9 PM EST. Be sure to snag this dress as soon as it goes live! We predict it to be a favorite!

Anyssa Hessler

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