Jacy + Jonathan's Vibrant Summer Wedding

June 26, 2020 ยท by Jacy Lee Pulford

Eleven years ago this month, the week of our wedding had the most rain of the season. 

We were so nervous that our big day on June 27th would be ruined. But on that bright Saturday morning, the clouds lightened up and the sun finally shined! Our prayers for beautiful weather were answered. It was time for my best friend and I to become husband and wife. 

I remember getting ready that morning and feeling like I was in a dream. It just really didn't seem real that after months of planning, our day was here. Jonathan and I knew exactly what we wanted (and didn't want) for our wedding. Looking back, it feels good to say that we stayed authentic to who we are as people, even in the smallest of details. 

I found my dress on my first trip to the bridal shop. It actually was on a mannequin when we first walked in. I knew it was the one before I tried it on. When thinking about the color palette for our flowers, decorations, and the girls' dresses, I wanted to go bright. As an artist, I love pops of color, and my eyes were drawn to pinks and greens. They really brightened up the church and the ceremony. We also hung pretty tulle in front of the cross light that usually hangs in the sanctuary. It created this beautiful glowing backdrop for us.

What I remember about the ceremony (besides how handsome Jonathan looked), was just how blessed we were. A room full of our family and friends supporting our decision to marry one another. There was so much love and laughter in that space. Seeing the proud and happy faces of our parents. Seeing the smiles of our siblings as we said our vows. And seeing our pastor so full of joy, as he pronounced us husband and wife. We did it!!

While planning the wedding, Jonathan and I didn't want our reception to feel crowded. We both have large families, and the thought of trying to mingle in a room with everyone seemed a bit impersonal to us -- not to mention when paying per plate at a hall, expensive! 

Being the resourceful couple we are, it was easy to ditch the traditional idea of an indoor reception and instead choose an outdoor family gathering. A family friend agreed that we could use her spacious, beautiful backyard. We rented or made what was needed for an outside reception. There was a wishing tree with little cards guests could write their wishes down for us and hang them up. My talented aunt baked our delicious wedding cake. 

For fun, we had games like volleyball and golf. We even snagged a slushie machine and hired my family's catering company to serve a buffet full of yummy Puerto Rican food. To top it off, the dress attire was casual, and we designed matching "team bride" and "team groom" T-shirts for the entire wedding party. It was a blast! Everyone still talks about how fun it was. It was so nice hang out and chat with out-of-state relatives and take photos together that will last a lifetime.

At the end of the evening, our loved ones blew bubbles as Jonathan and I climbed onto his motorcycle. My dad shook Jonathan's hand, a moment I'm glad the photographer caught. It was so sweet. Hugging my best friend, my now husband, we rode off to start our new journey! (Actually, we went around the block for aesthetic and then came back to grab our helmets before heading to home.) Were there things about that day I wish I could change? Sure. But overall, Jonathan and I both agree that our wedding was truly an awesome day!

Jacy Lee Pulford

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