Keep It Breezy & Beach-Ready

June 24, 2016

Summertime-the season for exploring, adventure, and risk-taking (in the least life-threatening way you can manage). However, there is nothing worse than an opportunity for spontaneity presenting itself, and  resisting simply because of inconvenient clothing.

My summer fashion has evolved into lightweight pieces that can be layered for inside (air-conditioned) events, but easily transformed into a bearable outfit if a immediate trip to the beach is in order.

For example, this amazingly comfortable shirt from Anthropologie paired with a nautical themed umbrella skirt from Dotsy’s Boutique was an outfit that was worn to church (with the addition of a nude pair of heeled sandals by Coach), but immediately became a breezy, beach-appropriate outfit as soon as heels were in hand and bare feet in sand.

I’ve worn some variant of this outfit while I’ve been a medical intern for the past few weeks. A cotton button-up from J.Crew (they have the absolute best) with a blazer and pumps takes nothing but a removal of shoes and blazer, and a pair of rolled-up sleeves to become oceanside appropriate and relaxation-ready.

So give it a try and never, never, never resist a beach trip again.