Keeping College Cool: Style 101

November 17, 2014

Transitioning from high school to college can definitely be a difficult and confusing experience, but it is one that can also be truly rewarding and life altering, as well. For many young women in college, choosing what to wear is a struggle. Choosing the right ensemble for a busy day at college is difficult because we live in a constant state of rush. Believe me – I am right there with you. I am always exhausted and have little free time as a college student. However, as an Apostolic woman, people immediately notice something different about you, and one of the first differences they see about us is what we are wearing.

I have loved the transition of high school to college. I have some very challenging classes, but I enjoy the socialization of it, as well. I made friends extremely quickly and found that they love the way that I dress. After about a month of knowing me, many of them realized that I had never worn anything but a skirt. As you can imagine, the questions soon ensued, “Do you own any pants?” My answer is always, “No, but I have 85 skirts.” Every girl responds the exact same way, “Wow that is so cool, I wish I had that much fashion motivation.” One of my guy friends said, “I love seeing what you are going to wear every day. You always look so professional.”

As an Apostolic college student, it is important to represent Christ in every aspect, and for those people you may not ever actually meet, shining your light in the way your dress is critical. So here are a few quick ensembles that you can throw on when you are entirely exhausted, and have no motivation to look fabulous!

Image via A Little Dash of Darling

This look is so edgy and casual, yet still so chic. Baseball caps are perfect
for those days when you don’t feel like doing your hair. Thrown on a sequin shirt and a pencil skirt, and this look is good to go!

pic 2
Image via The College Prepster

I love that all of these shoes can be worn around a college campus and be comfortable and fashionable. Booties and loafers have been my staple for this semester. I love a comfortable shoe that still looks amazing.

pic 3
Image via Vanilla Extract

This outfit is adorable, and so wearable. You probably already have all of these pieces in your closet. A light blue button up, a tan high waisted skirt and a leopard print scarf is all you need to achieve this effortless ensemble. Throw your hair in that top knot, and you are ready for a successful day on campus!

Image via Maskcara Blog

I love pairing graphic tees with just about everything. I cannot get enough of them! Pair your favorite graphic tee with a printed skirt like this plaid one, add some booties and you have an outfit that takes little effort.


Dainty Jewell’s also has a graphic tee out right now that I am loving! The Dainty Lady tee with its silhouette of a classic lady would be a great addition to your wardrobe. You definitely need to invest in this amazing piece. (See how our Assistant Editor styled it here!)

I hope these looks inspired you to improve your campus outfit game. You combine style, comfort and modesty and not only look lovely but be a light to your college peers, as well.

Looking for more sophisticated, yet still casual, outfit inspo? Rain boots, plaid, leather, and sunglasses are great times to use for cozy, college-campus outfits. Throw on some warm tights and a pair of sunnies and you will be good to go!