Kelly Green and Color-Blocking?

May 22, 2015

Yes, please!

Spring is here, ladies! *happy dance* Yes, I know spring has technically been here for a while, but where I live winter dominates until mid-April.

Kelly Green & Color Blocking

No one can deny the excitement that pervades the air with the sights fresh grass, budding flowers, soothing rain, and of course, SPRING COLORS!

My personal favorite spring color has been the latest trend of what is deemed Kelly green. Kelly green is this wonderful shade of green that is neither too dark or too light and goes with nearly everything.

My Favorite Green ItemI possess entirely too many green pieces of clothing, but this jacket I found from Gianna Bini for Dillard’s is possibly the most versatile of them all. The jacket’s cut allows for a perfect silhouette with high-wasted skirts and its collar allows for pairings with collared or non-collared shirts

As I generally don’t like to mesh a huge amount of color into one outfit, I endeavor to pair bright colors with neutral tones. Yet sometimes neutral tones can make even the most exquisite, bright colors look boring so I ADORE color-blocking.

Color-blocking saves an outfit from the horror of drabness without overwhelming the outfit’s concept. I paired my jacket with this lovely Kenneth Cole purse and one of my trusty black-and-white striped shirts. In addition, went for a neutral contrast with the tan/brown pleated skirt.

The purse makes a simple but bold statement which I obsess over! 

Kelly green and color-blocking work for every occasion and can be styled in such a way as to reflect the individual. Place your on twist on the combination: pair them with navy, throw in some orange, or add a lovely springy white.

Wear some fabulous green, color-block to create some fabulous themes, and be your FABULOUS SELF!