Lake Tahoe Getaway

April 14, 2016

Living in Northern California definitely has it’s benefits. Just knowing that I can drive three hours south to the beach if I’m wanting to feel the water and sand in between my toes, or I can drive two hours north if I want to ski and romp around in the snow. On this particular day, we chose a quick getaway in Lake Tahoe, California. I was SO nice to get away with the family and relax for a few days. The weather was great! Cold, snowy, and chilly, but was delightfully pleasant. We went sledding a few times on our own little trail that we made on a hill. It was an absolute blast!


Lake Tahoe is definitely a tourist place. There’s lots to do when it comes to snow sports. You can ski, snowboard, tube, sled, and more! Not only that, but the scenery in the winter is GORGEOUS! Who can say no to snow capped mountains? You learn to appreciate the beauty that God created. How can people say that there is no God when you see beauty like that?


Tahoe is our go-to when it comes to weekend getaways. If it’s not a busy time of the year or a holiday, you can usually get a hotel for a decent price. And if you’re not feeling the winter weather, make a trip to Tahoe in the summer! Summers in Tahoe are the perfect weather for camping as well.

Let me just tell you, the weather is AMAZING and the scenery is still just as beautiful in the summer as in the winter! There are still plenty of things to do in Tahoe during the summer. You can go for a hike, take a bike ride, pack a picnic and go for a swim in Lake Tahoe, or you can learn about the history of Lake Tahoe and visit Donner Pass.

If you ever get the chance, make a trip to Tahoe. You won’t regret it!