Leopard Maxi Dress

September 29, 2014

There’s nothing much more comfortable than a flowy maxi skirt.  But then there’s the problem of the top.  A button-up is cute with a maxi skirt, but comes untucked or hangs baggy and too long.  A t-shirt can work, but usually ends up looking very casual thus limiting the outfit possibilities.  What if I told you the dilemma has been solved?  Dainty Jewell’s is releasing a maxi dress in the fall 2014 collection that meets every necessity of comfort, class and modesty.


The dress is made of a light stretchy knit fabric, the skirt is lined, and the sleeves are covered with chiffon then completed with an elastic wristband.  I loved that feature! If you’re like me and live in a very hot climate, the sleeves can easily be pulled up into a 3/4 sleeve.

The silhouette of this dress is stunning and will work for every shape. I suggest ordering the dress to match your largest measurement.  For example, I wear small tops, but medium skirts so my dress is a medium and fits great.

When I pulled the dress out of the package my first instinct was to tie the sash into a bow, then I realized the possibility for many different looks just by tying the sash in different ways. Unexpectedly I discovered that by doubling the sash and tying it in the back it created my favorite look.


When I said this dress can work for every body shape, I really meant it.  I even think this dress could work for expecting mothers as well!  I cannot speak enough on how truly comfortable this dress is.  The quality is superb and the best part is no layering or alterations needed for modesty!