Less is More: Three Steps to Clearing Your Closet

March 12, 2015

Recently, I adopted the less is more philosophy into my life. A few weeks ago, I was on spring break and randomly decided that I should deep-clean my room/closet and get rid of everything that I no longer needed.

Two days and nine garbage bags later, I can honestly say that I have successfully implemented this way of thinking into my wardrobe. Cleaning out your closet is generally one of the most boring and tedious tasks ever; however, I was honestly excited about this fresh start. Since the closet-purging process, I have made a few other decisions based on less is more.

I encourage you to try the following three tips to implement the less is more philosophy into your life along with me:

1. Deep-clean your room/wardrobe.

Get rid of any pieces that are no longer “your style.” If your style is classic or minimalistic, get rid of pieces that are flowery and bohemian. If your style is shabby chic, get rid of the more streamlined pieces. Get rid of anything that does not say YOU when you look at it. Then donate and/or sell the pieces that you no longer want in your wardrobe. Just because they are not your style doesn’t mean they aren’t perfect for someone else.

closet 2
Jonny Valiant

The overall layout and organization of this closet is very similar to my own. I like to organize by type (i.e., blazers in one section, dresses, blouses, etc). I then continue to organize further by color-coordinating the sections of clothes. It is such a stress-reliever when getting dressed in the morning!

 Apartment Therapy

This woman is very minimalistic with her wardrobe choices, and I realize that isn’t for everyone; however, there is value in her organizational skills. I love her use of bins and shelving. Bins are definitely a must for storing seasonal clothing.

2. Invest in pieces that make you head-over-heels excited to wear them.

Invest in pieces that assist in defining who you are. Typically, I am a bargain shopper. I love finding a deal. It truly gives me an unparalleled rush. However, purchasing pieces simply because they are inexpensive does not mean that it is necessarily a good purchase. I now purchase more expensive, quality pieces that I can wear for the next decade. I think about the piece and how it will fit into my wardrobe before I purchase it. I now think about what I am going to buy several days before I buy it. I realize that may sound a bit over the top, but I promise that if you decide to join me in this challenge, you will save SO MUCH MONEY. I used to purchase pieces that I thought were really cool or really cute, but I found that many of those items would sit in my closet with the tags still attached because deep down, I knew that the floral, bohemian sweater was not my style in the slightest. So invest in pieces that you will wear again and again and never tire of.


I recently invested in an item that I’d been dying to own for nearly a year. I’d wanted a mahogany-colored, leather weekender bag for seemingly half a lifetime, but for whatever reason, I was afraid to invest in a quality one that would last for decades. My dad finally convinced me to purchase one, and I am so happy that I did. I purchased this weekender bag on Amazon for less than half the original price of $300!

3. Finally: Save your money!

After implementing less is more into my life, I now save more than half of what I make. I recently set a goal for the amount of money that I want to have saved by the end of 2015. I am also going to start another savings account strictly for traveling purposes. I want to travel to as many places as I possibly can, and traveling requires funds. Saving is definitely not easy. Believe me, this post is basically a confession from a former shopaholic. Think about what you want to buy before you buy it. Do not simply purchase something off of an impulse. I know from experience that impulse-buying results in a very sad bank account.

When you adopt the less is more philosophy into your life, you will find that you become more focused and your life becomes less cluttered.

Remember: Deep Clean. Invest. Save.