Let’s Talk About Skincare

September 10, 2015

Growing up, I seldom struggled with skin problems. Even the acne that strikes most preteens seemed to pass me by. I had the occasional zit, but for the most part, my face was acne-free.

But when I turned 18, I began to have frequent breakouts on my once-clear complexion. I went into panic mode. I tried a plethora of expensive face creams, washes, and acne treatments. The more products I used, the more skin problems I had. I cut out most of the fancy face routines, and begin to wash my face with only the basics: simple soap and water.

This helped somewhat and my face gradually cleared up. Things were going better until I decided to get another facial, which I thought would surely help. Nope — I came out of the facial with my skin looking worse than before. My cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, and even my neck had red splotches all over. I decided that they would probably disappear in a day or two, because my previous facials had produced some reactions, only to clear up quickly. 

Unfortunately, my face did not clear up, in fact, a week later, it was noticeably worse. Finally, I decided to visit the dermatologist about my skin problem. Along with medication, she gave me several tips that I have implemented. Thankfully, my complexion is well on its way to becoming clear again.

Here are some things I’ve learned in this process:

    1. Don’t Over Wash

    I was obsessively washing my face, multiple times daily. Washing the face once in the morning and once in the evening is sufficient, and I was instructed by my dermatologist to use this method. Over washing can dry the skin.

    2. Drink Lots of Water

    I was rarely drinking H₂O. Lack of hydration results in skin that is tight and dry. As I began to increase my water intake, I quickly began to notice a difference in my skin. Drinking at least 8 glasses a daily helps to rid the body of toxins.

    3. Avoid Greasy Foods

    I’m have a bad tendency of being a junk-food-junky. However, as I gradually tried to eliminate greasy foods, my pimples decreased.

    4. Sunscreen is a Good Thing

    It’s important to protect your face with a sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 15. Too much sun exposure may cause spots, wrinkles, or skin cancer. Most daily moisturizers contain sunscreen, so if you choose, you can use one product each day both to hydrate and protect.

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These are the facial products I generally use. Cetaphil is my favorite facial wash, because it is gentle on my sensitive skin. I also make sure to use a good daily moisturizer/sunscreen, and night cream before bed. When breakouts arise, I treat them with Oxy pads. The key is finding out what works for your skin type.

As we strive to take care of our appearance, it’s important to remember the most important type of beauty, the kind that shines from the inside. Let confidence, kindness, compassion, and Christ’s love shine from you-for that is what makes you truly beautiful!

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