Love Is Greater Than Fear

October 26, 2015

“I feel things so deeply, but I rarely tell people how much I truly care about them, and I seldom show emotion. I guess it just makes me feel vulnerable.” 

Not too long ago, I found myself sharing these thoughts with a loved one. Well, I’m going to let myself be vulnerable to all of you, Dear Readers. I’ve always had a hard time letting my emotions show. Most acquaintances would probably never guess how sentimental I really am. In fact, most of my friends have never seen me cry other than in settings of deep prayer. I deeply love my family and friends, yet I somehow I don’t express it as often as I should. Can any of you relate?

After my conversation with my dear friend about this issue, I began to wonder where this stemmed from — certainly not from my upbringing. I was raised in an environment where affection was generously given. In my family, we frequently said “I love you” and not only said it, but showed it. No, something within was holding me back.

I soon identified the culprit: fear. Perhaps the very thing that holds many people back. I know it’s not easy to let yourself be vulnerable. It’s often hard. I get it. But what if we began to look beyond us?

I’m not suggesting that we share every inner thought or emotion with others. We are all entitled to personal feelings that are ours alone. All I’m saying is this:

It’s okay to open yourself up.

It’s okay to cry in public. It’s okay to be vulnerable. Yes, people could very well use it against you, they could very well hurt you. But they also might surprise you. More people care about you more than you realize. When you share your heart with others, it means something to them, as well. Something more than you might imagine.

I challenge you to let your love be greater than your fear. Express to someone you know how much they mean to you. I can promise you this: you won’t regret it.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear…” {1 John 4:18}