Memorable Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

February 03, 2023 · by Ashton Dorow

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (already!), and if you are dating, engaged, or married, you might be on the hunt for a special gift for your sweetheart. I, personally, am a hopeless romantic and extremely sentimental! I’m the person that keeps every birthday card, every love note, little mementos of special memories and events--you get the idea. When I started dating my husband Austin nearly seven years ago, that sentimentality definitely carried over into my relationship with him. Whenever I started buying him gifts for Christmas and Valentine’s or our dating anniversary, I really wanted them to be special. Not something he would use and throw away, but something he could have as a keepsake forever and we show it to our children some day. I think part of this desire stems from the fact that my mom gave my dad a little heart keychain when they were dating that says “I love you”, and my dad has kept it hanging in every vehicle of his since 1990! What can I say--the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

I’ve found a lot of unique, sentimental gift ideas on Pinterest over the years and thought I would share them with you all to hopefully make your gift search easier! Just click on the names of each gift idea to view the Pinterest inspiration or website to purchase. 

1. LoveBook

This is one of the funnest gifts I've ever given my husband! You design a book filled with all the reasons you love your significant other, design a cover for it, and have it printed! The company is currently running a sale for Valentine's, so snag that deal while you can!

2. Customized Keychain

Etsy is FULL of countless customizable gifts, including many unique keychain options. Whether you want a his and hers set or just a single keychain, something sleek and simple or really fun and unique, you can find it there! 

3. Customized Wallet Insert

I got one of these on Etsy for my husband's birthday when we were dating, and it was such a special gift. I had a message stamped onto the copper card, including a little inside joke that only the two of us understood. As with the keychains, there are lots of different options for these online!

4. Framed Photo with a Handwritten Message

This one is a little DIY project! For Valentine's Day the year before we got married, I had a picture of my husband and me printed and put it in a frame that had a plain white mat surrounding the photo, on which I carefully hand wrote a love letter. My husband keeps this hanging in his office to this day!

5. Date Night in a Box

Here's another little DIY project, which you can make as simple or elaborate as you like! I have not done this gift before, but it's definitely a fairly easy and fun idea. Just gather different items you need for a date night (whatever type of date you want to do) and put it in a gift box/basket. I've also seen ones where someone put a bunch of date ideas in a jar for you to draw each week or month. It just depends on how much time and planning you want to put into it!

6. Customized Fishing Lure

If your sweetheart loves fishing, this would make the perfect gift! I got my husband one of these shortly after we started dating with our initials on it and the date he asked me to be his girlfriend. The one I got was made to be used as a keychain (it didn't have a hook on it), but you can get ones that are actually useable for fishing.

7. Inscribed Watch

This last gift idea isn't especially unique, but you really can't go wrong with a nice watch! You can take this classic gift up a notch by having a message inscribed on the back of it, if the place you purchase it from offers that service. Fossil watches are my favorite! But for this post, I decided to link some really cool wooden watches! My mom has gotten my dad a couple of these, and they are gorgeous!

    Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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