Messy Summer Updo

May 19, 2023 · by Hannah Graley

Hello ladies!

A few tips for making this hairstyle a little bit easier:

1. You will need to pull the bun through three separate times, so make sure you have a very strong hair elastic. Tap here for the hair elastics that I use; they work for any hair thickness and you can buy them in multiple colors, or just black.

2. For less stray hairs and frizz, spray your ponytail with a flexible hairspray before doing your bun. (I did not do that, so my frizz is FRIZZING).

3. This bun will turn out differently each time you attempt this style, so take a picture of your favorite version. You don’t want to forget it! Ha! 

I wish you all a beautiful summer! Remember, Jesus loves you. You are precious, loved, and chosen. 

Hannah Graley

About Hannah Graley

Hannah Graley is a young stay-at-home mom to two beautiful babies. She is married to her soulmate, Joel. She grew up in Indiana. She is active in her church and has been involved in both music ministry and children’s ministry. You can find Hannah on Instagram as @graleyhannah