Mixing Two Decorating Themes

January 13, 2015

Shiny Decor1

As much as I love the holidays and the season-appropriate decorations, there is also something cleansing about taking it all down and going back to everyday home decor.

I wanted to update my own home decor this year but I couldn’t decide between shiny or rustic decor. Burlap, distressed wood, and signage give the home a comfortable charm, but shiny, glass, and metallic give an elegance that can’t be ignored. So after weighing both options, I decided to mix the two together and I am very happy with the end result!

Shiny Decor2

I do a lot of clustering in my decorations and since I had multiple areas in the house that I was redoing, I made sure to put a little rustic and shiny together in each cluster. Adding burlap to a shiny glass vase helped pull it together. On the flip side, adding a gold vase helped bring some more shine to a more rustic cluster.

Shiny Decor4

Since my mantle is the main focus and the first thing seen when walking in to our home, I wanted to be sure it really tied the two themes together. I found these adorable distressed candle holders and added the gold vases on top. The chevron wooden bird is a perfect addition in the background because it keeps the rustic feel, and there is a tall green glass vase (not pictured) next to the candle holders that keep a level of shine. On the opposite side, I added another gold vase but this time put burlap flowers in it since there was so much shine on that side.

When decorating with two different styles, it is important to keep the balance. If you add one style to a cluster, make sure to add a piece from the other style so it doesn’t look like your room is decorated in two completely different themes.

Updating decorations can be easy to do and affordable! You just have to first pick your style (or two) and start assembling!

You can DIY many small accents to keep the decorations affordable. I also shopped at Kirkland’s and Hobby Lobby which kept the prices low and I made sure to use any decorations I had at home first.

I would love to hear your decor tips or even how you’ve mixed two different decorating styles!