Modest Swimwear in Hawaii

April 02, 2018

Happy April! I hope you had an amazing Easter and are looking forward to a beautiful spring season. 

With everyone’s summer plans drawing ever so closer, I thought I’d highlight some of our most-loved, most-requested Dainty Jewell’s products: our modest swimwear collection!

I recently visited loved ones in Hawaii, and the whole trip was fantastic. The food, fellowship, and new experiences made for such a refreshing break.

You can’t go to Hawaii without spending a little time in the water, so on my packing list were two of my favorite Dainty Jewell’s swim dresses. These pieces meet all my requirements when it comes to modest swimwear: they’re comfortable, cute, and contain pink! They’re also fully lined, which minimizes clinging and makes your whole swim so much more comfortable.

I get a lot of questions about our swimwear, so here are just a few answers from our most frequently asked questions:

  • Our swim skirts come with built-in shorts, but our swim dresses do not. (Layering shorts are available for purchase separately.)
  • All pieces are made of high-quality, stretchy swimsuit fabric (Lyrcra spandex) and are fully lined.
  • Though swim dresses may go up underwater, we’ve had a lot of feedback from women happy about how modestly they were able to swim in these pieces.
  • We don’t currently have any swim dresses available with shorter sleeves, but if that’s your preference, the sleeve and hem lengths of these pieces are very easy to alter.

The Seashells and Peonies swim dress, released last year, is one of my favorites, with a pretty, feminine print, but I also pulled out this bright, fun swim dress in Hawaii . . .

The Gingham and Dot swim dress was released a few years ago and has been a customer favorite ever since. It’s definitely one of mine! You can’t help but feel happy wearing this dress (especially while drinking from a coconut shell!). =)

When it comes to our swimwear, what would you like to see more of in the future? Let me know in the comments; I’d love to hear your thoughts. . . . Happy summer planning!