Monty’s Nursery Reveal

October 31, 2018

We welcomed our sweet Montgomery Coleman this July, and the joy he has brought into our lives has been absolutely amazing. I’m sure all you mamas out there can relate!

Coming up on a baby’s birth, there’s so much prep to do: picking the perfect name, researching the best cribs, car seats, and strollers, stocking the little one’s wardrobe (the fun part!) — and the list goes on and on.

For me, one of the most exciting parts was planning and decorating Monty’s nursery.

On my quest to create the perfect nursery, here are a few tips that really helped:

Pick an item you love — a blanket, a pillow, artwork, curtains, etc. — and pull colors from there.

I went with traditional blue as the main color of my little boy’s nursery. I pulled this color in from the rug on the floor, to Monty’s little outfits hanging up, to his blanket, to the furniture and artwork in the room, to even the ribbon on his stuffed lamb.

A comfy chair is a huge plus.

Some would even say it’s a must! Between late-night feedings, comforting your little one’s cries, and even rocking him/her to sleep, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of a nice comfy seat or rocking chair. Minimize clutter.

Avoiding clutter has several benefits. Less clutter usually serves to help you feel a little more relaxed and not so overwhelmed, which can be a very real issue when you have a newborn!

A nursery with no clutter is also safer — for both you and the baby. It helps you navigate the nursery more safely without tripping over or bumping into unnecessary objects. It also gives your baby less to get into when he or she is in those “grab-everything-in-sight” and “put-everything-in-the-mouth” stages!

Have necessary supplies in easy reach of the changing table.

You’ll be glad you did when you’re holding down a squirming, messy baby with one hand while searching for a diaper and wipes with the other!

I’m not big on the look of a traditional changing table, so I was excited to be able to snag mine from a local artist. Due to space limitations, we wanted something that would double as storage, and this worked out perfectly.

Building on that, just about any extra storage you have available in your nursery will probably end up being put to good use! Last, the best nursery pieces aren’t necessarily from baby stores or the baby dept.

When you’re expecting, window-shopping all the baby stores can be so much fun — who doesn’t love to ooh and ahh over all the adorable little outfits or dream about a nursery full of Pottery Barn-worthy details? But when it comes to shopping for your nursery, you can save money AND find some of your favorite furniture pieces, rugs, artwork, and finishing touches shopping thrift shops, department stores, and finding deals online — often, in departments for older kids, teens, or even adults.

I’m all about affordable decor! I found my furniture at a variety of places: My big chair was from Wayfair. My smaller chair was a HomeGoods clearance find. The crib (which I’ve always loved because it’s round!) was from Wal-Mart. My grandma made Monty’s bedding. Frames and artwork were from an antique store. The curtains were Target, and the rug was also from HomeGoods.

Our nursery has no closet, so we had to make due. Jess did a fantastic job with the clothing rack!

As much as he loves his nursery, Monty also loves spending time with me at work!  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do what I love while having him close. 

. . . And that’s it for today! For all you mamas out there, what tips have you found the most helpful when it comes to preparing for a baby or putting together a nursery? I’d love to hear your ideas! Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Photography: Cynthia Rankin | @thiaphotographie