Moriah's Wedding: Vintage With a Modern Twist

September 28, 2020 · by Jennifer Smith

Moriah, thank you for sharing your wedding with us today! We love how it came together and the beautiful look you created with Dainty Jewell's pieces. How would you describe your wedding theme? 

My wedding theme was vintage-inspired with a modern twist. I had my bridesmaids pick out their own dresses. I know everyone has different body shapes and styles, so I chose to give them this option. I had given them a color palette that they could choose from, and it turned out perfect! I wanted something different than a bouquet for my girls to hold, so I also had them choose their own clutch for a bouquet!

What were some of your favorite, most special memories from your wedding day?

I was marrying my high school sweetheart and my best friend. We had our first look under the tree we got engaged at. Our venue was my parent's farmhouse.

Were there any funny moments or things that didn't go according to plan on the big day?

Yes! I learned that everything doesn’t always go as planned. We weren’t expecting a rainstorm, and two hours before the wedding started, one of the bridesmaids checked the weather and read that it was going to rain at the scheduled time of the wedding, but we had the best wedding party! They all worked together to set up tents and dry off all the chairs and tables before the guest had arrived! Thankfully, our photographer and videographer were able to capture precious, unforgettable moments.

How did you find the perfect wedding dress?

Dainty Jewell’s' designer, Charity Walter, has created so many beautiful pieces! Through the quality of her products and the success of her business, it shows proof that she gives so much of the best thought and time into every piece she designs. It's so wonderful to see that God's hands are a part of the business.

When Dainty Jewell’s first released “Petals in the Wind,” I knew I wanted it to be my wedding dress. It was like Charity designed it just for me!

Any advice you have for future brides?

This is a busy season in your life, but just take it all in; it goes by way too fast! Enjoy the chaos even when it's stressful and you're feeling overwhelmed with wedding planning. Trust the process and have fun!

Is there anything else in particular you'd like to share about your wedding or your love story?

Well, we grew up together in the same church and have known each other ever since we can remember. When I was a freshman and he was sophomore (way too young, I know!), he started hinting that he liked me. He discussed it all and asked for permission to date me with first our bishop and then with my dad. My dad suggested we wait at least two years as I was too young to be dating, and I don't blame him!

During that time, we both prayed and fasted for God's guidance and if it was His perfect will for us to be together. Just a side note here: if you don't see yourself living with and loving the person "till death do us part," you're going to be wasting time. Just be patient and God will bless you!

*Trust the process.*

We didn’t take it lightly, as we both knew and understood that this was a very big life decision. Once I turned 16, we officially started dating. I tested him that whole time we were dating to see if this was the man I was going to marry. He showed me how much he cared and loved me by his actions, patience, and passing my “tests.” 

We both knew we were going to marry each other one day. It wasn't until four years later on my 18th birthday that he, along with my family and friends, planned a secret proposal at my parents' farmhouse. It was everything I have ever dreamed of my proposal to be. Four years of waiting was a long time, but like I would remind him, at least he didn't wait 14 years as Jacob waited for Rachel! =) 

To all my single friends still waiting for your Prince Charming: Take your time. Everyone’s story is unique. God will bring him to you in His perfect timing!

You had a beautiful wedding video and photos! Who was your photographer?

A special thank you to my photographers and videographer for capturing one of the most important and memorable focal points on my journey in life.

Photographers were Charity and Jess Walter, and my videographer was Taylor Collins @sondereffectfilms.

I've attached a link to our wedding video below. It was so dreamy, and I loved how it turned out!

mo + russ from Sonder Effect Films on Vimeo.

Jennifer Smith

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