Motherhood: An Interview with CEO, Charity Walter

April 27, 2022 · by Charity Walter

CEO. Business owner. Youth pastor's wife. Boss extraordinaire. These are just a few of the titles that Dainty Jewell's founder and owner, Charity Walter, carries. But if you asked her, she would, without hesitation, say that her favorite title is "Mom". Today, we are honored to have her share a little about being a mother AND owning a business.

Charity, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions!
First of all, what is your favorite part of being a mom? 

I love the joy it brings - getting to see my son’s face light up, his eyes, hearing him sing worship songs - so many special moments that you can never replace. Each stage brings new joy! I love watching him learn new things as he grows. It's so fun!

What's the hardest part about being a mom? 

Balance. I have serious mommy guilt. As a business owner, that is really hard! But God has helped me and given me peace. I’ve learned every minute that we're together counts! Sometimes, it's taking advantage of the little moments throughout the day, even if it's only a few minutes. I'm learning to give myself a little grace :)

What are some things you've learned from your mom?

My mom is VERY patient, so I’ve tried to learn that from her!!! :) She is also a teacher, so I try to always work with Monty on learning games, books, etc. as much as I can! Monty loves to learn. :) His mind is never full, and he's always wanting more!

What advice would you give a new mom?

There are so many difficult times, but also so much good to each stage your child goes through. It will pass so quickly, so cherish the bottles you have to make, the toys to pick up, the constant need to cuddle, because, little by little, stage by stage, it will be different and gone. <3

Do you have any funny mom stories that you want to share?

Not necessarily a story, but I will say always prepare for the unexpected. As soon as you think you are put together and ready to go, there will be a drink spill, a bad diaper, a mess, etc. Always have extra clothes or backup items with you! :D If you know, you know!

What's your favorite go-to recipe as a busy mom?

Soups! I have featured several on this blog (here and here), but when all else fails, as long as it isn’t summer, Crockpot soup is so easy! :) I love to cook full meals though and try to plan my day to make a full meal for my family on 3-4 weeknights!

What's 1 scripture that you've clung to as a mother?

All of Proverbs 31! Seriously, there are so many great scriptures. If you aren’t getting sleep like you want or feel discouraged as a mom, read Proverbs 31; it WILL encourage you :D

Do you recommend any books or podcasts for mothers?

I just got the book My Child by Sara Woods. I am excited to dig into that one! Also, Bringing Up Boys by Dr. Dobson is a classic.

Thank you for your time, Charity! You're an inspiration as you juggle your work, church, and home responsibilities.

Charity Walter

About Charity Walter

Charity Walter is designer and CEO of Dainty Jewell's Modest Apparel and the founder of She's Intentional: the Dainty Jewell's Blog. Aside from designing breathtaking, modest dresses, Charity loves music, working with the youth at her church, and spending time with her husband, Jess, and adorable sons, Monty and Remington. She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest in lovely La Grande, Oregon. Follow Charity on Instagram at @charityjewellwalter.