Natural Skincare Tips with Ashton Sargent

August 31, 2020 · by Adrian Hildebrand

Hi, Ashton! Thank you for being with us today. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you started Ash & Stone Skincare.

My name is Ashton Sargent. I was born and raised in San Diego, California, and left at eighteen to follow God's call to Indiana Bible College, where I am a current senior wrapping up my last year as a theology & worship studies student.

Following the voice of God, IBC brought new health challenges. My body and my skin were not used to the Midwest (the weather and the food) and was struggling differently than it did back home.

In attempts to find a cure to my stressed-out and broken out skin, I started doing hours of research, tried new products, talked to people, and decided that all-natural or plant-based skincare products were my best option. However, I was a college student, so I was broke. Most natural skincare options are very pricey and not practical for a college student or really anyone to have to buy continually. So I took a risk and started to make my own.

I started with just making a cream moisturizer with three ingredients to developing three recipes that I loved and used every day. I watched my skin change entirely from a weird mix of dry and oily and broken out to clear and calm. My friends and family started commenting on my skin and asking me to make them skincare products. Ash&Stone launched in September of 2019 two years later and is almost a year old. The journey has been incredible.

The Bible talks about our bodies being temples for the Holy Spirit. Do you think that taking care of our skin is one way we can honor that temple?

Yes, the Bible is very clear that our bodies are a temple of the Lord, and I believe that taking care of your whole body, skin and all, is taking care of the temple that God has given you. Just think, God, designed you with such care and diligence, knowing every hair on your head, every freckle, beauty mark, and dimple. Shouldn't we care for His beautiful creation with just as much love and attention?

Our bodies are intricate, strong, and beautiful, but they need care. When we take care of ourselves, we take care of God's temple, and we should take care of the whole body with excellence.

Skincare shouldn't be neglected. Your face, smile, and eyes are the avenue in which people you come in contact with see Jesus through you first. Shouldn't we honor the Lord and take care of our skin as an act of stewardship? This does not mean you need perfect skin. I do not have perfect skin, but I am responsible for taking care of what God has given me.

What are some benefits of using natural skincare items?

Natural skincare can be a very broad category, and many companies use "greenwashing" to sell products that appear natural or plant-based when they are not—using a genuinely natural and plant-based skincare line allowed the skin to be treated with God's creation. Products with toxins, harsh chemicals, or human-made ingredients treat skin issues but don't fix them, so when you stop using those products, your skin goes back to the same problems and issues.

Natural products help to fix your skin, balance oil production, and change your skin long term. Natural oils, extracts, and waxes are packed with countless vitamins, fatty acids, and skin healing properties that really work and last.

Natural skincare allows your skin to breath and adapt to its surroundings, treating issues deeper than the surface. Natural skincare is also so versatile and can work for anyone. You just have to find what works for you.

What are your favorite products to use and why?

My all-time favorite product is Ash&Stone Omega Facial Oil, which is made with organic and cold-pressed Chia seed oil, evening primrose oil, and avocado oil. This facial moisturizer helps with calming the skin and treating hormonal acne, which is my daily struggle! It leaves my skin hydrated without leaving it greasy and oily looking.

What are a couple of your favorite skincare tips for the ladies reading?

1. DRINK WATER. No seriously, it's the cheapest and easiest skin hack for glowing and radiant skin.

2. Eat your veggies; have a good diet. Diet is everything for the skin, so while it matters what you put on your skin, it matters just as much as what you put in your body.

3. Try different natural products, do your research, and find what works for your skin. Just because something works for your friend or sister doesn't mean it will work for you, and that doesn't mean that natural skincare won't work for you.

4. Wear sunscreen. Just do it. Find a good natural one and put it on every day. It will help prevent sun damage and sun aging.

5. Mask for fun and mask often. Mix it up; get a good clay mask and try it with new things (yogurt, honey, green tea, oil, etc.).

Where can everyone find you and your awesome items?

Currently, we are selling on Etsy at Ash&Stone Skincare while we are building our website. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook @ashandstoneskincare.

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