Neutrals in NYC

November 17, 2016

Neutrals in NYC Neutrals in NYC  Neutrals in NYC Neutrals in NYC

New York City in the fall is amazing in every way.

We took a girls trip for the week by flying into Boston and doing a road trip throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island and ended up in NY for four days.

Also, my boyfriend of almost three years flew into the city to surprise me and propose!

As you can imagine, I had an amazing week that I’ll never forget. I wore this outfit Sunday for church and walking around the city. Even though these boots have a decent-size heel, they are insanely comfortable. HERE are some boots that are similar, more affordable, and do not have the heel. I actually purchased this shawl in a super neat store called Out of Ireland in Victoria, Canada a little while ago, and it is so warm and elegant! I love shawls for the simple reason that they “class” up any outfit. The black dress I am wearing is a great basic and it’s from Forever 21! I couldn’t find that specific one on the Forever 21 website, but here is one from asos that is basically identical.

If you are ever in the city, you have to walk around the West Village. It’s my favorite neighborhood in the city and it has amazing shops, bakeries, and restaurants. That’s where these photos were taken. I hope you all are having a lovely fall season and that the weather is nice in your area. It was pretty cold for me in New York that week, but since I’m back in Oklahoma, I already miss it.


Dress (very similar)


Have a wonderful day, everyone!