New Year’s Eve Sparkle : 3 Ways to Shine

December 30, 2016

Ringing in the New Year is always fun – and we’re sure you’ve seen your fill of goal-setting posts (even though we love them), so this one just gives you three tips to enjoy the best New Year’s Eve yet! From Fashion to Friendship – here’s your quick read. Here’s to the year past and the year ahead – praying God’s best for you in the coming year!

Less is More

One of my favorite bits of fashion advice is this from Coco Chanel “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” The basic premise of this advice is that we often choose to layer our outfits with extra pieces instead of allowing the focal point be in one place. When it comes to that holiday shimmer and shine it’s important not to overkill. So…choose one aspect of your outfit to really POP this year!

Staying at home for the night? Pair a cute sparkly top with some cozy socks and a comfy skirt!

Going out for the evening? Maybe tonight’s the night to wear those “totally-impractical-but-utterly-gorgeous-you-just-couldn’t-resist-but-you-always-feel-over-dressed-in” pair of shoes – paired with a basic black dress.

Headed to a friend’s house for a party? Choose something that’s equal parts comfortable for games and laughter but also a little glamorous because hey, social media is a thing! Maybe that sparkly skirt will pair just right with a jean jacket…

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Keep it Light

I’ve recently been accused (accurately so) of delving into heavy topics with friends and acquaintances when we get together. There is a time and a place for politics, religion and philosophy – but let’s face it, New Year’s Eve just really isn’t the night to get into it with your friends on any of those topics. If you’re headed out, you could do some of the following to prep for a night of light-hearted fun:

  • Scan your playlists for your most played song of 2016 – chat it up about music! 
  • Read a good book lately or have a few in your bookcase that you’re looking forward to delving into? Talk about it!  (While everyone doesn’t like to read, most of the time this topic triggers other “media” related conversations that can be interesting – such as the world’s oldest panda that recently died (so sad), but interesting too!
  • Bring a game! I like to keep my favorite board game in the back of my car, Heads-Up! on my phone and usually have a deck of cards in my glove compartment for that moment when things just might get dull. (Always be Prepared!)
  • Browse your Pinterest boards real quick for a new design or fashion trend – dish on what people think about it.
  • Set any goals for 2017? Talk about your resolutions and ask others if they have any goals they accomplished in 2016 or anything they’re reaching for in 2017

Remember…to be interesting, one must always bet interested in others!

2017 is Coming…

New Year’s Eve is loads of fun – even if you’re quietly contemplating the upcoming year from the safety of your home – but don’t put too much stock in the night itself. Was 2016 good or bad for you? Will 2017 be better or worse? While I don’t have these answers – you do. You choose by your perspective and your attitude what your year will be, regardless of the circumstances that unfold around you.

So, let love be the sparkle in your eyes this New Year’s!

Let joy be the shine on your face!

And shimmer with the expectancy that our King and Savior is still on His throne…and 2017 will be an amazing year!