On Being In Love

March 11, 2015

Amy Arrington Photography

Weddings are lovely – regardless of whether the bride and groom chose a style or color that you enjoy, as a guest, weddings are still beautiful. There is something about standing there, watching as two people commit the rest of their lives to each other that is just heart warming.

I have to admit that I truly love when couples choose to incorporate the cross into their wedding decor, whether on a large-scale in the ceremony itself (as seen above), or in smaller details. It’s a reminder that when God is at the center of a marriage, that marriage can and will succeed.

Another way to incorporate “the cross” is to incorporate readings or scriptures into your ceremony reflecting your personal commitment to God and each other, or reflecting the true, biblical nature of love. One of my personal favorites is the passage below from C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity. It is one of those readings that you never tire of.

On Being in Love | Devotional with @IsleofView on @ShesIntentional

image: Em for Marvelous

When my friend Emily originally spoke of this being read at her wedding, she described her initial feelings of reading this passage as being horrified and finding it unromantic, and as she aged her feelings about it changed. Personally, I find it so true. I find it accurate in the case that one cannot always feel in love, yet we still LOVE  wholeheartedly. I believe those who are married can testify that you choose to love your spouse in the hard times, while you may not actually feel those butterflies in every moment.

Being in love is a good thing. But to love is the best thing.

To love as Christ loves, keeping Him at the center is the key to a happy relationship and marriage.