Out-Of-The-Routine Outfit

January 22, 2016

And so the new year has begun, bringing with it a return to a daily routine, a week of work, or perhaps a new semester. Though I’m a huge fan of routine, of that rewarding feeling of setting goals throughout the day and achieving them, every now and then I need an “out-of-my-routine excitement.”

This excitement often takes the form of an outfit that I spent a little extra time on, one that I didn’t walk to my closet and pull out because it was a tried and true color pattern (even though black and white is great). A pick-me-up outfit might incorporate more unique elements than I normally allow myself in a combination, but on these special occasions, I walk out of the door feeling refreshed and on my A-game.

On this particular January day, my outfit incorporated three of my favorite statements: tulle, a tie, and, the wintertime must, fur.

My patterned shirt from Zara is one of those pieces that is everything that I could want in shirt, from my love of birds to my love of button-ups, to my love of ties, to my love of stripes — well, you get the picture. Paired with my shirt is a fur vest from Gianni Bini with a color pattern that I have found to work with nearly anything, often providing an epic finishing touch.

I’m convinced that tulle skirts are a beyond-fun item that everyone should be able to pull out of their wardrobe on those days when nothing will do but something with an innumerable amount of layers. My navy tulle skirt from Dillard’s was of a neutral tone so that it balanced out the loudness of the shirt and fur while still being a statement piece.

To complete the outfit, I accessorized with a pair of neutral combat boots by Steve Madden and a leather bucket bag and neutral metallic watch both by Fossil.

On those days when out of the ordinary is absolutely necessary, think bold. think fabulous.  think statement.