Packing Tips :: Holiday Edition

December 08, 2015

I’m sure that many of you have plans to travel throughout the holidays. Although it’s lovely to spend cozy days at home during Christmas, I must admit that there is something equally special about adventuring during the joy of the season.

Trips to visit family and friends around the country (or globe) is especially rewarding. Since most of my extended family and friends are scattered all around, we typically travel every Christmas. I absolutely love every aspect of our travels….except for one dreaded responsibility called PACKING.

Yes, I should have mastered the art of packing years ago. However, only recently have I begun to hone this skill. Here are three things I’ve learned:

  1. Don’t over pack out of anxiety

    I used to frantically cram my entire winter wardrobe (practically) into about 3 suitcases, in case of an unforeseen fashion emergency. After all, the younger version of myself would never think to be seen wearing the same sweater twice in one week. *gasp* My, how things have changed! It’s okay to bring a couple of extra things just in case, but it saves much stress and time to bring the basics of what you need. Remember, it’s okay to mix and match. You can always launder some things if you desire to wear them again.

  2. If possible, mail bigger gifts ahead to your destination.

    This isn’t necessarily applicable if you are traveling by car, but I’ve learned that packing a lot of fragile gifts in my suitcase, and then flying, is an absolute disaster. Many times the gifts will accidently be broken during the journey, along with taking up needed space in your bags. If you receive gifts and are wary about traveling back with them, you can also mail them back to your home.

  3. Find the packing method that works for you.

    I’ve heard of many ideas throughout the years. For example, some people prefer folding clothes, while some prefer rolling them up tightly to fit better (I prefer the latter.) However, to each her own. Perhaps you’d even like to fold whole outfits together.

I can’t wait to hear about where you are traveling to this winter! What are your packing secrets? Share them with us in the comments below. Also share your travel photos with us on social media by tagging #ShesIntentional!