Patterns, Plates, & Treats

April 28, 2015

During my leisure time away from the busyness of life, one of the many hobbies that I truly relish is a DIY decor to incorporate around the house. Lately, I’ve really been in an obsessive baking mood with the lovely season change and decided to make my own dessert holder. Probably because it gives me an excuse to accompany it with my countless and much needed cups of coffee throughout the day! However, what I love about the DIY dessert holder is that you can personalize it to your own exclusive taste.  I found my unique pieces at my local Goodwill and thrift stores all for a wallet-friendly price of $6.


All you will need is simply:
Decorative plate of your choice
Decorative candle stick holder or vase
Hot glue gun

It’s as easy as one- two- three!

photo-11This easy one-two-three step instruction basically is that simple.  Choose a plate and vase or candlestick holder of your choice that will compliment each other.  Next, once your hot glue gun is ready to use, apply the glue around the rim of vase/candle holder.  After you have applied to glue, immediately place and press the plate down where you wish for it to be positioned.  Let it sit and dry for a few minute. Now your treats are ready to be displayed on your DIY dessert holder.

photo 4

These DIY treat holders are great to set out at gathering for company or just for the family to enjoy.  You can set out just about any cookie, pastry, danish, mini-cakes, or even a mixture of fruit. I couldn’t help but to layout some yummy pink icing sugar cookies! photo-10

Have fun with these original pieces that you can showcase in your home. You can assemble these dessert holders with mixed patterns, color scheme, and different shapes and sizes. What I love about these the creativity and spice they bring to the table when displaying freshly baked goods — a lovely centerpiece!  Also, they’re inexpensive and relatively a quick project to make with darling results!