Perfect Wedding Shoes

September 04, 2014

Etsy / Design Your Pedestal

Though wedding shoes are usually hidden under a gorgeous gown, they are the perfect excuse to shop for shoes that are more extravagant than what you would normally wear. Some women prefer low-heel or flat, sensible wedding shoes for obvious reasons, but this post is dedicated to women who love heels. (We’ll cover flat wedding shoes in a later post!)


Naomi Kenton Photography via Love My Dress

In searching out beautiful wedding shoes, I noticed that the heel of a shoe can be decorated with just about anything. The shoes above, revealed at an international trade fair in London, probably cost a pretty penny. But I was pleased to find that Etsy has a good selection of wedding shoe shops, some of them with relatively conservative prices.

Heels are gorgeous, but sometime between the ceremony and the cake cutting, your feet are probably going to be screaming for relief. Many brides wear their heels for the ceremony and invest in flats for the reception or long parties.


Etsy / Pearlshoes

If at all possible, wear your wedding shoes while having your gown hemmed. Heel heights can make quite a difference on how and where the wedding gown falls.


Naomi Kenton Photography via Love My Dress

It’s fun to try on shoes in boutiques, but be aware that you can find the same shoes online, often at better prices. If you find a pair of shoes you love while out shoe shopping, write down the name of the shoe and the designer, and then do an online search to compare prices.


Etsy / ChristyNgShoes

These days, you can also find design-your-own-shoe merchants online. Here are three I found:


Etsy / Design Your Pedestal

Have fun personalizing your shoes until they are “you!” I thought the baseball-inspired shoes above were cute, though I’m certainly not what you’d consider an athletic person. (If you’re wondering, the bottoms of these shoes say “batter up.”)

Enjoy your shopping!