Plaid + Blazers + Leather = Autumn Layers

October 09, 2015

And so autumn approaches.

Breathe it in: the colors, the weather, the clothes. I have a weakness for all things fall (because of those things aforementioned) but let’s focus on “the clothes” aspect.

Can someone say LAYERS?
Autumn layers are a beautiful thing; whether scarves, blazers, tights, or sweaters, layers add a dimension to an outfit that tends to be immensely satisfying.

Blanket scarves are, in my opinion, a necessary layering option in every fall wardrobe, and if the blanket scarf happens to be plaid, even better. The color scheme in this plaid consisted of neutrals and muted colors which fit into the fall theme and didn’t overpower the outfit.

Autumn Outfit Inspo by Elle Simmons on She's Intentional

Blazers, yet another necessity, are a go-to if one wants add structure or contrast to an outfit. I chose this Mango blazer for its subtle stripe and navy/white contrast. One could exchange the blazer for an oversized sweater or cardigan for a more relaxed and comfortable look.

Autumn Outfit Inspo by Elle Simmons on She's Intentional

Yet, we can’t neglect materials, for with cooler weather comes more versatile materials like say, leather. Leather, no matter how faux, is an option that will add a chic aesthetic to any outfit and can be worn casually or dressy, depending on the styling.

Finally, the purse I choose for no particular reason besides pure whim (the funnest part about picking out an outfit!), but there are countless options for purse pairings with this particular outfit or this style in general. Whether a satchel, a clutch, or a backpack, pick what suits your fabulous self.

How are YOU styling your layers this fall, darlings?

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