Pool Days Ahead

June 13, 2018

Most people dread the hot and humid days here in Arkansas, but if we’re being completely honest, I would have to say that summer is one of my favorite seasons! Being born in the desert could have something to do with how much I love the sunshine and warm weather. To me, there is nothing like sitting by the pool and soaking up the sun!

Did you know that Dainty Jewell’s offers modest swimwear?

Here, I’m wearing the Gingham and Dot Swimdress in size small. (Get it here: https://daintyjewells.com/gingham-and-dot-swimdress/ )

I am 5’5″, and it is well below my knee in its original state. You will probably notice that I modified mine a bit and took the ruffles off the sleeves and bottom hem.

I love that you can modify many Dainty Jewell’s pieces and make them your “own” but still be wearing their design!

I have several Dainty Jewell’s swim dresses and love them all, but this pattern is probably my favorite!

The polka-dot and bright gingham paired together really give the dress that summer look!

I scored my super cute beach bag from Dirt Cheap for $8, but it is originally from Target.

If you’re looking for cute but modest swimwear to wear on your next vacation, I highly recommend checking out the swim collection Dainty Jewell’s has to offer! You won’t be disappointed.