Purpose from Mercy Part I

August 13, 2018

Have you ever looked out your window on a summer morning to see moisture on the pane even though it didn’t rain overnight? That moisture is called dew. It forms when water vapor comes into contact with cool surfaces. The air can only hold so much water vapor, then it is turned into a liquid. It’s interesting to note that dew requires heat and cool air to be created. That’s why in the wintertime we don’t really see dew, but rather frost, because it is working with a cold current.

The creation and distribution of dew is quite interesting, not just physically but also spiritually.

Dew is created new every morning. It is not recycled; it is not put in the fridge for leftovers; it is simply redistributed by new condensation each day. This definition sounds a lot like God’s mercy, doesn’t it? Just like dew, God’s mercies are new every morning. However, His mercy is not seasonal! Isn’t that wonderful? Yet, so many people women believe that!

My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distil as the dew, as the small rain upon the tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass” – Deut. 32:2.

The Bible says His speech shall distil as the dew! In other words, His Word shall stream as the dew. Just as the dew streams down the window new every morning, so does His Word, so does His Mercy!


We put so much weight on our shoulders from the baggage we carry, and we don’t even think to put it before the Master’s feet. Maybe it’s the guilt of hating to wake up in the early morning to feed our new little infant, or it’s not getting our adolescent the toy he or she desires because of financial distress. Maybe you carry baggage from sins that you did not necessarily commit, but sins that were committed against you. We become scattered as we try to race home from work to make dinner in time, catch up with the laundry that seems to pile higher each day on the ironing board, and fall asleep as we read the bedtime story to the kids! Or maybe you’re a college student who has piles of assignments that weigh over your head with the anxiety of deadlines.

However old you are, we can all agree we struggle at times to find time to talk with Jesus. Then it turns into a domino effect of being angry over the guilt that we feel when we rush through His presence.


Too many times we as humans believe that we have gone too far to receive God’s mercy. Or some people say they can accept God’s forgiveness, but they can’t forgive themselves. I believe it was a minister who once said, “Who are you to say that your judgment is above the Almighty God’s? You can accept His mercy, but you can’t accept your own. What you’re saying is you’re placing your judgment above God’s.” If God can forgive you, then who are you to say that you’re not forgiven? That, my friend, is not a mercy issue, but rather a pride issue. Don’t look for self-mercy; look for God’s mercy.


A couple of months ago, I had a friend who does not believe in God tell me that she didn’t know what her purpose was. Her statement pricked my heart, because she was a successful college student, and she seemed what I thought was pretty happy. Understand, nothing in this life that is manmade will give you your purpose. Only through God can you understand your design. And it’s through His mercy you can find it!

Ladies, please understand: being human is not a crime! Yes, life is not easy, but we have to remember our purpose. We were created to worship. Yes, you heard me. Even if you never become a mommy or have a successful occupation, you still have the same purpose everyone else on this planet has, and that is to be a worshipper. Worship is not just something you exhale, but it’s also something you inhale. And that means that by waking up each morning, claiming the Word God gave us, and recognizing you have new mercy applied to your life, you are performing worship.

During this summer season each day when you awake, look out at the dew and remind yourself of God’s mercies. Through that mercy, remind yourself of the purpose you have. It can take up to a few seconds of simple reflection, or it can take up as much as a few minutes. However long, remind yourself that you are who you are because of that dew, because of His Word, because of His Mercy. You have purpose!