Quick and Simple Ways to Say I Love You

February 07, 2019

I love Valentine’s Day!

The pink and red, the chocolate and hearts, the celebration of love . . . And best of all, the challenge to go above and beyond showing your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Before I got married, I thought of Valentine’s Day as a kids’ holiday: a time to exchange pun-filled cards and heart-shaped suckers. I was never one to make a fuss out of Valentine’s Day, or to feel left out that I didn’t have a boyfriend, or to long for the day when I would have someone special to share Valentine’s Day with. I didn’t give the day much thought at all.

Once married, I quickly discovered the joy in using Valentine’s as an opportunity to celebrate love and romance!

Not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day, and that’s okay. Holidays are admittedly over-commercialized, and having one more event that seems to be demanding your wallet can be offputting. But whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, it’s so important to be intentional about reminding your spouse how much you love him – throughout February and beyond.

Today, in honor of this upcoming holiday, I’m sharing a few simple ideas for spreading all the love and the heart eyes!

I hope you’re inspired by them, and please leave your own ideas in the comments.


Leave your husband a mirror note.

The alarm rings. Your spouse groggily turns it off and trudges to the bathroom. When his eyes finally adjust to the bright lighting, they fall on . . . a sweet note from you!

My husband and I often write notes on the bathroom mirror for each other. Dry-erase markers work great, but I’ve also found that my son’s Crayola brand bath crayons clean off super easily, too.

P.S. Shower walls are also a great place for sweet notes. =)

Slip a note in your husband’s wallet.

Think of three things about your husband that you adore. Write them down in a note, fold it up, and slide it into his wallet.

It’s said that it’s important for a man to receive words of encouragement, but no words are more meaningful to him than those that come directly from his wife. So make sure he knows you love and respect him!

Leave a note on your husband’s phone wallpaper.

This is truly one of my favorite things to do! I don’t do it extremely often because I don’t want to wear it out. But every couple of months, I’ll create a quick message on my WordSwag app. When my husband sets his phone down, I text the graphic to him, pull up my text on his phone, and save the graphic as his wallpaper. I love being around the next time he looks at his phone!

The first time I did this was so much fun. I pulled it off within a few seconds in our car when my husband walked into a convenience store. The look on his face when he picked up his phone was priceless.

Send your husband a note at work via snail mail.

Depending on the type of job your husband has, this one may or may not be a good fit. But it’s a lot of fun!

My husband is the one who picks up the mail for his job. One time, I wrote a note on a card and mailed it to him at work. I was excited for him to find something fun among the stacks of junk mail and customer payments.

Obviously, you don’t want to write anything that could embarrass your husband if it ends up in someone else’s hands. Also, be sure that sending your husband mail at work isn’t something that’s going to cause him problems or get him in trouble.

Don’t underestimate the “I’m thinking about you” text or email during the day –

— especially if this isn’t something you do often.

Tell your spouse you’re thinking about him. Tell him what you love about his personality. List what you like about how he looks. Tell him what you admire about him or why you respect him.

One uninitiated love note can really be a mood-lifter and give your husband a boost during an otherwise stressful day.

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