Quick Double Braid Updo

November 15, 2019

If you’re a mom, a college student, someone who dislikes mornings, or just someone who really likes quick cute updos, then this one is definitely for you!

I love hairstyles that are easily customizable, and I think this is definitely one of them — and it’s HEATLESS. If you haven’t quite mastered a dutch or french braid, then no worries; I’ll explain in the video how you can do this style with just a simple three-strand braid.

All you need are your favorite bobby pins, a hair elastic, a comb, and hairspray if you use it. I’ve been using leave-in conditioner as a hairspray substitute occasionally, and I have found it to be effective in cases where my hair has flyaways due to static, which is caused by dryness. Eliminate the dryness = eliminate — or at least minimize — the static.

I hope you’ve found this hair tutorial helpful. Many blessings, friends!

Until next time, hugs and blessings,