Quirky vs Classic

January 07, 2015

Ciara Richardson
Sarah & Alex via Snippet & Ink

These photos by Ciara Richardson  captured my attention not necessarily just because of their technical beauty, but also because of the uniqueness of the dress. It has become popular to have a jacket, sash or stole over the wedding dress to make it unique to the individual bride. This bride utilized the jacket (which many modest brides have also started to do) in a way that fit with her surroundings and added to her overall look.

How many brides feel trapped into a gown that might not fit their individual personality?

Nearly anything goes with weddings these days — you want to wear a patterned or colored dress? Be our guest! However, many Christian ladies still choose to wear white as a symbol of purity. There is something special about a bride in white. It is the one day of your life that you are able to wear all white and (hopefully) not feel conspicuous or like you are sending the wrong message. Because, you ARE the bride today!

Traditionally, wedding gowns are floor length, but the post above inspired me to look a little closer at a few of the Dainty Jewell’s dresses through the eyes of a prospective bride.

tea with the queen

I think the most obvious choice is the Tea with the Queen dress. Its asymmetrical hem and lacey texture would be the perfect wedding dress for a bohemian bride (barefoot, ballet flats or sandals), or a more avant-garde bride with a unique pair of wedges or heels.

a night in paris

Another option, perhaps a less obvious one, is A Night in Paris. This dress is a favorite from bridesmaids to style bloggers, perhaps because of the streamlined shape and feminine details. It would be the perfect dress for a more intimate wedding, perhaps at an urban venue such as a courthouse or warehouse wedding. It would be beautiful with neutral pumps (as pictured), metallic strappy sandals or even a snakeskin print for a fun twist.

love and lace dress

Lastly, we have the Love and Lace Dress which would definitely be for a more eccentric and quirky bride with an appreciation for detail and texture. It could be paired with cowboy boots for a ranch wedding, neutral or metallic heels for a classic pairing or colored shoes to match the wedding party. Very versatile and fun too!

Would you wear an alternative to a floor-length dress to be married in? Or perhaps as a reception or going-away dress? If you’re already married, is there anything you would do differently in your choice of a wedding dress? Please, leave a comment and tell us what you think!